Y gymnasts win all-around titles at Fedorki meet

Over a very cold weekend, the gymnastics team from the Wilton branch of the Riverbrook YMCA competed at the Emily Fedorko Invitational Gymnastics Meet in Darien on March 11-12. The meet is held in memory of former Darien YMCA gymnast Emily Fedorko.

The Wilton gymnasts competed in a beautiful facility and walked away with many individual and team successes. The Level 5 and 7 teams both placed second all-around, while the Level 3 and 6 teams both placed third and the Level 4 team placed fourth.

Level 3

In age 9 Senior, Cailyn Cruickshank was the sole Wilton representative, scoring 9.35 on vault, bars and floor, and 9.05 on beam.

In age 10 Senior, Kaeyln Talisse was the all-around champion, placing first on bars (9.7), beam (9.3) and floor (9.5), and second on vault (9.75). Taegan Stengrim was third on vault (9.6), fourth on floor (9.1), and scored 9.0 on bars.

In age 11, Wilton Red showered the podium. Jennifer Von Bartheld took home the all-around trophy, winning first on bars (9.65) and beam (9.6), third on floor (9.4), and fifth on vault (9.5).

Sophia Vitti followed with second place in the all-around, taking second place on vault (9.65), bars (9.6) and floor (9.45).

Elizabeth Fahey joined her teammates on the podium with a fourth-place all-around finish, placing third on vault (9.6) and beam (9.25), and scoring 9.2 on bars and 9.25 on floor.

Ella Mancuso took first on floor with 9.5, fourth on bars with 9.4, and scored 9.05 on beam and 9.0 on vault. Isabella Silverstein placed fourth on floor (9.35) and fifth on bars (9.3), and scored 9.35 on vault.

In ages 12 and over, Nina Ferrucci placed fourth on bars and beam with scores of 9.3, fifth on vault (9.55) and took home fifth in the all-around. Mckayla Iacoponi scored 9.5 on vault, 9.3 on bars (fourth), and 9.2 on beam (fifth). Maddie Mosquera placed third on vault (9.65), fifth on beam (9.2) and scored 9.10 on floor.

Level 4

In ages 8-9, Alyssa Mariani had an incredible meet, placing second with a beautifully connected routine on bars (9.3), third on beam (9.5), fifth on vault and scoring 9.2 on floor, while taking home third place in the all-around.

In age 11 Senior, Ella Arghirescu and Alyssa Smeriglio tied for third on beam with nearly identically executed routines. Arghirescu also placed fourth on floor, and Smeriglio also placed third on bars (9.0), second on floor, and placed fourth in the all-around.  

In age 12, Samantha Bauer scored 9.25 on beam.

In ages 13 and over, Isabella Giordano took home the bronze all-around trophy, with second on bars, third on beam (9.2) and vault, and fourth on floor.

Level 5

In age 10, Ashley Umhoefer was crowned all-around champion, taking home gold on vault (9.7) and floor (9.4).  Peyton Gildersleeve scored 9.1 on vault (fifth) and beam, and Grace Chan scored 9.0 on floor.

In age 11, Sofia Blessing’s floor routine earned her third place with a score of 9.1.

In age 12, Donna Stepnowsky had a very successful meet, winning silver on vault (9.3), floor (9.15) and bars, and taking home the second all-around trophy. Alyson Scheurkogel placed fourth in the all-around with first on floor (9.3), third on vault (9.3) and beam, and fifth on bars. Chloe Jureller scored 9.15 for third on floor and 9.2 for fourth on vault.  

In ages 13 and over, Ava Walker’s gorgeous beam routine earned her a score of 9.7 to take first place. Michaela Kane’s powerful vault earned her second place with a score of 8.9, and she also placed fifth on bars.

Level 6

In age 13, Emily D’Onofrio placed third on beam with 9.5 and fifth on vault with 9.1. Emilia Riina scored a 9.05 on floor.

In ages 14 and over, Isabella Jureller took gold on vault (9.2), silver on beam (9.3) and was fifth in the all-around. Jenna Smeriglio’s steady beam routine landed her a score of 9.0 for third place, and she was also fifth on bars. Katie Walsh placed second on vault and floor with scores of 9.1.

Level 7

In ages 10-11, Sarah Cross narrowly missed the all-around title by .150 of a point, coming in second in the all-around, with first on bars (8.7), second on floor (9.3), and third on vault (9.2) and beam (8.9). Mia Karlehag was right next to her teammate, placing second on vault (9.3) and beam (9.05) and third on floor (9.1) and bars.

In age 12, Olivia Mannino scored 9.0 on vault.

In ages 14 and over, Kate Ginsberg grabbed the silver all-around trophy, placing second on bars, fourth on vault (9.0) and beam (8.9), and fifth on floor (9.0). Emma Daugherty scored 9.1 on floor (second), took fifth on vault, and placed fifth in the all-around.  Alyssa Jarrett placed third on bars.