Wilton Basketball Association teams had the following results in travel basketball action from Jan. 6-7:

Girls travel

5th grade

Wilton 26, Westport White 6

Wilton recorded an impressive 26-4 victory over Westport White this past Saturday. The outcome was never in doubt as Wilton jumped out to a quick lead and held their opponent scoreless until the fourth quarter. Mia Sommer got Wilton on the board first with a layup, followed by Abbey Byrnes draining a shot from the top of the key. Grace Costa added a couple baskets off fast breaks and Wilton closed out the first half with a 14-0 lead. Sophie Mulfinger, Julia Monrow, Kaitlyn Zizzadoro and Grace Ratcliffe added baskets in the second half to extend the lead. Abby Phelan controlled the boards with many rebounds, and Annalise Lamanna and Cosette Lepore provided tenacious defense in what was a terrific all-around effort for the Wilton team.

Westport Blue 25, Wilton 21

On Sunday Wilton suffered a narrow and hard-fought loss to Westport Blue by the score of 25-21. At one point in the first half Wilton trailed by 14 points, but then went on a 17-4 run to pull to within one point. Cosette Lepore nailed a baseline jump shot for Wilton’s first points, followed by beautiful baskets from Kaitlyn Zizzadoro, Grace Costa, Julia Monrow and Annalise Lamanna. Mia Sommer led the scoring for Wilton in the second half with seven points, and Sophie Mulfinger, Abby Phelan, Abbey Byrnes and Grace Radcliffe added numerous assists and stellar defense to help spark the exciting comeback. Although Wilton was not victorious on this day, they showed their determination and resiliency by battling back to the brink of victory.

5th/6th grade

Wilton 18, New Canaan 10

On Saturday Wilton traveled to New Canaan and faced a tough opponent who got out to an early lead against the Warriors. Wilton’s offense quickly responded led by Dobson (4 points) with two clutch free throws, Kelly (4 points) and Sullivan (5 points) off the bench. Casey, Doyle and Tomasulo had key passes and multiple assists on offense. In the fourth quarter New Canaan tried to mount a comeback but O’Connor hit a great jump shot and Luce made a great layup in transition to add two points each, with Phelan adding another point with a free throw. Wilton’s great defensive plays included two steals by Stengrim and Guglielmo each.

Wilton 24, Redding/Easton 18

On Sunday afternoon Wilton traveled up to Easton. Wilton got out to an early lead through the efforts in the paint by Kelly (5 points), Sullivan (4 points) and Tomasulo (2 points), and great passing and jump shots by Dobson (5 points), Casey (4 points) and Doyle (4 points). Phelan added to the scoring (1 point) along with making key contributions to the offense (2 steals, 5 assists). Redding/Easton came storming back right before the half to make in 12-11 Wilton. In the second half, Wilton’s solid defense led by O’Connor (2 steals) and Stengrim (2 steals, 1 assist) kept the Redding/Easton team in check while key offensive rebounding and assists by Luce (4 rebounds, 2 assists) and Guglielmo (3 rebounds, 1 assist) allowed the Wilton offense to back take control and pull away, outscoring their opponent 6-4 in the final quarter.

6th grade

Wilton 28, Danbury 24

It was a bitter cold day on Sunday when the Wilton sixth grade girls, sponsored by Servco Oil, took the court against Danbury, but things heated up quickly. In the first half Wilton held off Danbury with spectacular defense by Julie Colias, Caroline Hage and Marin Burke. Wilton was able to keep the ball moving with team effort and skilled passing, and steals by Riley Fitzgerald and Lauren Moe led to Ashleigh Masterson and Anisa Burrows putting up eight points. In the second half Wilton stayed steadfast on the ball. Wilton came together as a team on defense, holding back Danbury with defense by Ella Mulfinger and steals by Molly Hancock, and a foul shot by Maddie Dineen to bring the win to Wilton, 28-24.

7th grade

Wilton 43, Darien 17
North Haven 26, Wilton 24

The Wilton seventh grade girls, sponsored by Wilton Hardware, went 1-1 this past weekend, beating Darien 43-17 and then dropping a close defensive battle to North Haven, 26-24, in the final seconds.

Against Darien, Kendal Scholtz led the scoring with 10 points, followed by Ava Fasano with nine, Kelly Holmgren with eight, Heather Plowright and Anna Joy each with six points each, and Lucy Corry and Molly McLaughlin with two points each. A strong second half saw 29 of the team’s 43 points scored.

Sunday’s game against North Haven saw Hannah Fitzgerald lead the charge with seven points, followed by Scholtz with six points and Plowright with four points. Mary Scally scored three points, in addition to five rebounds and a block, while Charlotte Casiraghi played tenacious defense, pulled in multiple rebounds, and forced jump balls to keep the score close.

8th grade

St. Mark’s-Stratford 32, Wilton 25

Wilton’s eighth grade girls team, sponsored by Pinocchio Pizza, played two tough games over the weekend. The first game was against a strong St. Mark’s-Stratford team that started very well and built an early lead. Wilton responded with two quick baskets from Grace Williams, one of which followed an excellent assist from Katie Umphred. Stratford led 17-8 at halftime. Wilton raised its game in the second half and closed the gap to five points after two 3-pointers from Ellie Coffey. However, in the end Stratford held on for the win.

Norwalk 39, Wilton 23

The second game was against Norwalk, which also proved to be a strong team and beat Wilton 39-23. Wilton pushed Norwalk hard throughout the game, particularly its top scorers, Bella Andjelkovic (7 points) and Catherine Dineen (5 points). Olivia Rossi and Leah Martins consistently made good passes over halfcourt against a tough Norwalk defense. Ellie Copley, Erynn Floyd and Morgan Lebek all played strong defense with numerous blocks and steals. Once again, Wilton played a much stronger second half and played hard until the end.

Boys travel

4th grade

Wilton 38, Weston 6

Despite the cold weather outside, the Future Warriors team came out hot with a 38-6 victory over Weston. A well-balanced scoring attack by Warriors was led by Will Byrnes with eight points and Jake Padilla and Charlie Roy with six points each. Blake Ongley and Liam Joy distributed the ball well with several assists each, as well as five points for Ongley and two for Joy. The scoring was sparked by the fast-hand steals of Theo Satrazemis and Kieran Wiseman, with both players adding four points. Under the basket the trio of Max Totten, Grant Stein and Joseph Aversano led the way defensively with strong play. Stein contributed with two points, Totten added one point and Aversano led all players with four rebounds and several assists.

5th grade

St. Theresa’s-Trumbull 38, Wilton 22

The Warriors played two hard-fought games this past weekend. On Saturday they lost to a very strong St. Theresa’s-Trumbull squad by a score of 45-32. Despite being down 38-22 after three quarters, Wilton went on a 9-1 run to cut the lead to 39-31. Offensively, the Warriors were led by a balanced attack. Jack Schwartz (6 points, 5 rebounds), Grady Kaliski (7 points), Liam Murphy (5 points), Cael Dexter (4 points and 4 rebounds, Luke Ginsburg (4 points and 2 steals), Luke Perna (4 points), Liam McKiernan (2 points, 4 assists), Ryan Luchetta (2 points) and Cole Siegel, who controlled the boards (4 rebounds).

Wilton 38, Ridgefield 30

On Sunday the Warriors defeated Ridgefield by a score of 38-30. Liam McKiernan led the way with an all-around effort (5 points, 5 steals, 3 assists). Grady Kaliski (10 points, 3 rebounds), Jack Schwartz (7 points, 6 rebounds), Luke Ginsburg (4 points, 2 steals), Luke Perna (4 points, 3 rebounds) and Matt Garcia (2 points) also keyed the win. Defensively Wilton was led by the strong play of Ryan Luchetta (2 points, 3 steals), Cole Siegel (2 rebounds, blocked shot), Cael Dexter (2 points) and Liam Murphy (2 points, 2 rebounds).

5th/6th grade

The Wilton boys fifth and sixth grade team, sponsored by Servco Oil, scored wins over Weston and Westport last weekend.

Wilton 38, Weston 16

Jack Williams assisted Patrick Heffernan for the opening bucket. Weston set up the full court press but Luke DiRocco steered through the pressure to set up the offense. Heffernan led the Warriors scoring effort in first quarter with six of the nine points. Wilton led 9-4. Intense defense from Justin Kammerman and Mason Andrews anchored Wilton’s press. Heffernan opened up the second quarter with a layup. Cole Galante nailed a long two-point shot and scored an easy layup to up the lead 15-3. Stephano Cross led the break down court, leading to a free throw by Brody Hess. Jack Williams cut off a Weston pass and sent a pass down the court to Luke DiRocco for an easy layup. Jack Williams put on a rebounding, shot blocking and outlet passing display and the half ended 20-8. Declan Brokaw hit a turnaround jumper to open the second half. With the score at 22-11, Williams had a monster block and led Tucker Farrell on the break. A hustling Will Fisher hit a wide-open jumper. Heffernan, DiRocco and Galante all scored to make it 34-13, and Galante ended the scoring with two more baskets.

Wilton 22, Westport 14

The first half was a defensive battle led by gritty play from Luke DiRocco, Cole Galante, Jack Williams and Patrick Heffernan. Wilton ran a 2-3 defense with Henry Soojin, Mason Andrews and Justin Kammerman. At the half the Warriors lead was 18-14. Despite having a height disadvantage, the Warriors battled defensively with scrappy play from guards Will Fisher, Brody Hess and Tucker Farrell. Hess made a look away pass to Stephano Cross who fired a shot while being fouled. Declan Brokaw made a steal and hit a breaking Tucker Farrell, who converted on a fastbreak layup. With five seconds left, Hess buried a top-of-the-key jumper to seal the victory.

6th grade

New Rochelle 39, Wilton 18

While many spent the past weekend keeping warm indoors, the Wilton sixth grade boys played their hearts out in three games — one local and two on the road. Saturday’s match against New Rochelle at Middlebrook School tested the Wilton boys’ persistence, as New Rochelle charged hard at the start and never let up. After a tough first quarter, Wilton gained some momentum and fought back, with points scored by Kyle Roesser (6 points), Todd Woodring (4 points), Anderson Campbell (4 points), Henry Roy (2 points) and Jack Minnich (2 points).

Fairfield Fierce 32, Wilton 22

The first of Sunday’s two games was at Fairfield Country Day School against Fairfield Fierce. Wilton had consistent scoring throughout the game but could not gain the upper hand. Roesser (6 points, 4 boards), Woodring (6 points, 5 boards), Luke Umphred (4 points, 2 boards), Campbell (2 points, 4 boards), Levi Kaplan (2 points, 1 board) and Peter Reyes (2 points) all contributed to Wilton’s scoring. Defensively, Wilton worked hard to keep Fairfield on its toes, with many steals and blocks by Roy, Campbell, Kaplan and Roesser, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to halt Fairfield’s march.

Madison 38, Wilton 32

The closest of the three matches was played Sunday evening against the Madison Tigers. Wilton and the Tigers were competitively matched, and after their first two losses this weekend Wilton was fired up to keep the pressure on, as was demonstrated by the tied halftime score of 16-16. Max Jarvie clearly ate his Wheaties before this final game, scoring an impressive 12 points (plus 2 steals, 2 blocks, 2 boards) which kept it a close-scoring game throughout. Wyatt Jones facilitated scoring opportunities for his teammates, with two assists and two steals. Roesser and Roy each earned two points with free throws, and additional points were racked up by Campbell (2 points), Minnich (4 points), Reyes (2 points), Roesser (6 points) and Roy (2 points). Despite Wilton’s strong defense and determination, Madison came out on top.

7th grade

Wilton 51, Greenwich Flame 24

The seventh grade boys, sponsored by Wilton Hardware, took on a pesky Greenwich Flame team Saturday. As soon as the ball was tipped Wilton took off and never looked back. The Warriors were led by Bailey Finn with 12 points and three boards, while Nick Walden and Tommy Walsh each contributed eight points. Ryan Preisano, Spencer Liston (4 assists), Alexander Reyes and Tommy Mckiernan (2 assists) each had four points, and Jackson Duncan and Griffen Turner had a bucket each and played great defense adding up to a Warrior win.

Wilton 61, Southport/Wakeman 24

Sunday’s game pitted the Warriors against the Southport/Wakeman Boys Club. The Warriors again wasted no time jumping out to an early lead. Four players scored in double digits. Nick Walden, Alexander Reyes and Bailey Finn had 12 points each and Tommy Walsh scored 10 points to go with two assists. Tommy Mckiernan added (6 points, 4 assists), Ryan Preisano (4 points, 3 assists) and Jackson Duncan (2 points, 2 assists) also had big outings. A stout Wilton defense shut Wakeman down. Griffin Turner's four rebounds and three blocked shots, along with multiple steals from Roth, Liston and Mckiernan, ended the weekend on a high note for the Warriors.

7th/8th grade

Easton 43, Wilton 38

The Wilton 7th/8th grade boys team, sponsored by Caraluzzi's, lost a heartbreaker to Easton on Sunday. Easton tied the game with a 3-pointer with three seconds to go in regulation, and then another to seal the deal in overtime. Connor Robertson was a force to be reckoned with in the paint, pulling down 12 rebounds and dropping in six points. Dillon Mannix (9 points) and Conor Lilis (8 points) led the team with great hustle and ball control. Sean Wiseman, Will Sullivan and James Minich were a tenacious trio, piling on key steals and rebounds throughout the game. AJ Preisano dumped in three buckets and a free throw for seven points, and the ubiquitous Jefferson Mitchell and Tim Martin contributed four points each. Harrison Lent and Dylan Smith had great team play, contributing assists, steals and rebounds, and Colin Tsai was sorely missed. Wilton scored 38 combined points in their 43-38 loss.