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Wilton Basketball Association teams had the following results in travel basketball action from Feb. 23-25:

Boys travel

4th grade

Wilton 31, Easton/Redding 27

New Canaan 28, Wilton 18

On Saturday morning, the fourth grade Future Warriors played their hearts out against Easton/Redding. The game started off with Wilton having the ball from the tip off and a rebound from Grant Stein for a basket, followed quickly by another basket by Jake Padilla. Kieran Wiseman had a nice steal, to Theo Satrazemis, to Grant Stein for another basket. Curtis Jackson seemed to always be in there to make the rebounds while the team could always count on Blake Ongley for a basket. The first quarter ended with Wilton up, 7-6.

The second quarter began with Liam Joy stealing multiple balls from Easton/Redding and Grant Stein and Curtis Jackson rebounding any attempt made on the basket. Wilton put nice pressure on Easton/Redding with their passing skills. Multiple passes resulted in many points made by Wilton. A steal from Curtis Jackson to Charlie Calabrese, to Craig O’Neill led to a basket by Jake Padilla. The second quarter ended with Wilton up 15-6.

In the second half, Wilton still proved to be strong with its defense with Joey Aversano and Curtis Jackson leading the charge. The third and fourth quarters saw remarkable passing and rebounds which ended in baskets for Theo Satrazemis, Jake Padilla, Craig O’Neill, Blake Ongley and Kieran Wiseman.

Later that afternoon, the boys met on the court again for a game against New Canaan. Unfortunately this game did not have the same outcome as earlier with a score of 28-18 in favor of New Canaan.

5th/6th grade

Darien 6B 25, Wilton 6B 17

The Wilton 5th/6th grade boys travel team ended its regular season with a loss

to Darien YMCA 6B. Patrick Heffernan broke the ice with the first basket of the game and also led the way with five steals and five points as well as contributing to rebounds. Declan Brokaw also had five points and rebounded well. Brody Hess had five points, steals and as always a great hustle. Jack Williams was the top rebounder overall, had a couple of steals

and made a free throw. Luke DiRocco, Tucker Farrell and Justin Kammeran contributed to stealing the ball away from Darien. Henry Soojan made some great rebounds, Stefano Cross forced some turnovers, made a free throw and as always both players showed a lot of tenacity on the court. Cole Galante, Mason Andrews and Will Fischer all had great ball-handling skills and overall played a nice game.

Wilton, sponsored by Servco Oil, will take on Westport PAL 6B in its first playoff game.