Wilton Youth Football scoreboard

Wilton Youth Football team had the following results in weekend action:

Fourth grade

Westport North 13,  Wilton White 6
The Warriors played a hard-fought game against the Westport Wreckers on Saturday morning. Wilton overwhelmed Westport with its strong defense, allowing minimal ball time for the Wreckers in the first half.

The Warriors dominated the first half with crushing blocks by the offensive line — Jason Costa, Quin Silva, Peter Reyes, Colin O’Neill, Francesco Tomas, Declan Brokaw and Connor Wetzel. The offensive line created great holes for Levi Kaplan, Patrick Haffernan and Cole Stevenson to move the ball for several first downs. Kaplan hit Stevenson for a 20-yard reception that put Wilton on the scoreboard in the first quarter.

The Warriors controlled the ball most of the second quarter with great carries by Ryan Smith, Owen Theoharides and Kaplan, but were unable to score.

The Wilton defense worked hard against Westport in the second half with outstanding plays and tackles by Cooper Matik, Griffin Kovach, Conner Flannagan, Andrew Zhou, Liam Kiernan and Gavin Pierson.

Fifth grade

Wilton Blue 22,  Weston 7
The Wilton Blue Warriors put together their third win of the season after a decisive victory over Weston last Saturday. The tempo of the game was quickly established by Wilton’s offensive line of Burke, Totten, Turner, Enman, Cristini, Kress and Randol. Wilton was able to run the ball inside the tackles for significant chunks of yardage.

After a fumble recovery by Randol deep in Weston territory, Wilton was able to punch it in on a Stengrim run up the middle. Capone added the two-point conversion. On the next series, after Wilton’s defense forced Weston to punt, runs by Guglielmo and Colavecchio moved the ball down the field behind solid blocking. Liston scored the second touchdown of the day on a 35-yard run up the sidelines, bringing the score to 14-0.

After a 55-yard run by Petrides on the first play of the second half, Wilton was able to score its third touchdown on an off-tackle run by Capone. Petrides added the two-point conversion on another bulldozing run up the middle.

The Wilton defense was stifling all morning long with big tackles by Kress, Turner, Petrides and Walden. Defensive linemen Snyder and Garcia were able to push back the offense and control the line of scrimmage, holding Weston to minimal rushing yardage. For the remainder of the game Wilton was able to control the ball and the clock. Runs by Colavecchio and Montanero chewed up significant chucks of yardage and time.

Sixth grade

Wilton Blue 0,  New Canaan Red 0
In what was truly a defensive gem, Wilton Blue held a tough New Canaan Red team scoreless in a game that showcased the increasing prowess of Wilton Blue’s stalwart defensive line.

Four times over the course of the game New Canaan was forced to go three-and-out thanks to the unrelenting Warrior defense, led by aggressive tackling (often in the backfield) from Ben Calabrese, George DiRocco, Kevin Hyzy, Rubin Jha, Jimmy Luce, Jake Sommers and Dylan Smith. Defensive ends Max Silva and Michael Whitman were extremely impressive containing the outside run. In addition, key tackles by Craig Hyzy, AJ Preisano, Jackson Luther and Greg Flynn on longer New Canaan drives prevented the opposition from building momentum and ever getting close to the end zone. Wilton was lights-out on pass defense, as well, with Silva and Chase Cureau each almost walking away with interceptions.

Wilton appeared poised to dominate offensively several times, primarily due to some electrifying runs by Eli Ackerman. Sommers, who was injured in the game, continued his legacy of punching through holes while carrying multiple defenders on his back. Calabrese and Luther also made significant contributions to the running game, thanks to solid blocking by offensive linemen Chris Calderone, Luce, Max Mercado, Mason Mitchell, Michael Munrow and Conner Robertson. Quarterback Kevin Hyzy showed skill and poise in completing beautiful passes to Craig Hyzy and Silva, who both fought for extra yardage that moved the ball down the field. Kevin also executed two perfect QB sneaks at crucial moments to keep Wilton drives alive.

Robertson’s six strong punts over the course of the game, including one with five seconds left in the second half, kept the opposition pinned deep in its own territory, unable to score. The opposition’s inability to score against this formidable defense has been a key theme in Wilton Blue’s season thus far. Having given up only one touchdown in three games (and that coming in the final seconds of a game), Wilton Blue boasts the fewest points allowed in the league.

Perhaps the Warrior’s record of 1-0-2 is best summed up by lineman Jimmy Luce: “Technically, we’re undefeated.”