Wilton Y gymnasts stand tall at Northeast Regionals

Wilton Y gymnasts and their families made the 650-mile round trip trek from Wilton to Augusta, Maine, over the May 11-13 weekend to compete in the 2018 YMCA Northeast Regional Championships.

For many gymnasts, this was the final meet of the season, and the largess of the venue was exciting and inspiring. For others, this was the last meet before the season culminates with the nationals championships in Toledo, Ohio, to take place at the end of June.

With more 1,085 gymnasts in attendance, Wilton Red managed to stand proud on the podium with multiple medals and all-around trophies.

Overall, Wilton’s Level 6 gymnasts placed fourth out of 21 teams. The Level 4 team placed ninth out of 27 teams, the Level 8 team placed eighth out of 13 teams, and the Level 3 team placed 1sixth out of 31 teams.

Wilton Y results at the meet were:

Level 3

For Ages 7-8, Tess D’Andraia scored 9.0 on vault.

For Age 9A, Mia Decore placed sixth on bars (9.125) and floor (9.025).

For Age 9B, Grace Jeanes scored 9.175 on vault and 9.1 on beam.

For Age 10A, Alyssa Duarte scored 9.2 on vault.

For Age 10B, Lilli Todd scored 9.3 on vault.

For Age 10C, Rowan Morse took home the fifth-place all-around trophy, taking third on floor (9.15), fourth on bars (9.175) and scoring 9.0 on beam.

For Age 11A, Lia Carusone placed fourth on floor, fourth on bars (9.1) and sixth on vault (9.2), finishing seventh all-around.

Winnie Quigg placed third on floor, and scored 9.0 on vault and beam.

Abigail Schmitt placed fifth on floor.

For Ages 12-over, Isabella Cerra scored 9.25 on bars.

Level 4

For Age 10A, Taylor Archambeau placed fifth on beam (9.225) and floor (9.175), and took home the fourth-place all-around trophy.

For Age 10B, Cailyn Cruickshank placed seventh on floor.

For Age 11B, Kaelyn Talisse took home the silver medal on vault with 9.125, and scored 9.0 on beam.

For Age 12A, Ella Arghirescu won the sixth-place all-around trophy, taking second on bars (9.2) and fourth on floor (9.075).

Emma Incao scored a 9.0 on beam and took home the fourth-place medal on vault

Jeni Von Bartheld placed seventh on vault and bars.

For Age 12B, Ella Mancuso placed fifth on bars, sixth on beam (9.175) and placed seventh in the all-around.

Elizabeth Fahey placed fifth on floor and scored 9.0 on beam.

For Ages 13-over, Simona Gheorghe scored 9.25 on beam to take fourth.

Level 5

For Ages 9-10 , Alyssa Mariani placed sixth on vault, seventh on bars and fifth on beam (9.0), and finished seventh in the all-around.

Level 6

For Ages 9-11 , Ashley Umhoefer was the Division Champion, taking home the first-place all-around trophy with the title of vault champion (9.325). She was also second on bars (9.4) and third on beam (9.4), and scored 9.2 on floor.

For Age 13, Kaylie Berghaus narrowly missed the title of beam champion with a 9.075 for the silver medal. She won the bronze on floor (9.05) and bars, and stood atop the podium to receive the third-place all-around trophy.

Alyson Scheurkogel placed second on vault, fourth on bars, and was awarded the fifth-place all-around trophy.

Donna Stepnowsky finished the competition with the title of vault champion, and placed seventh on bars.

For Ages 14-17, Ava Walker scored a 9.075 on beam to take the silver medal, placed fifth on floor and brought home the sixth-place all-around trophy.

Michaela Kane took the bronze medals on beam (9.025) and floor (9.1).

Level 7

For Ages 15-over , Isabella Jureller took home third-place medals for vault (9.2) and floor.

Level 8

For Ages 10-12 , Mia Karlehag took the bronze medals for beam (9.375) and floor (9.350), placed fourth on vault (9.0), and finished seventh in the all-around.