Wilton Y gymnasts flex their super powers

Super heros from near and far gathered to show off their skills at the Kristen Warner Invitational in Southington on Feb, 23-25. Fun and team spirit were the two central characteristics of the event, and judges rewarded gymnasts for best superhero march-in costume, team spirit, and other superlative awards on each event.

The Wilton YMCA gymnastics team took home multiple awards, including:

Best Smile and Salute — Abigail Schmitt; Most Improved — Tess D’Andraia; Best Costume — Emma Incao; Best Superhero Ready to Leap Over Tall Buildings and Vault Over Tables — Ella Arghirescu; Best Back Extension Roll on Floor — Simona Gheorghe; and Best Split on Floor — Cailyn Cruickshank

Wilton also won Two Team Spirit awards — for Level 4 (session 7), and Levels 6 and 4 (session 8)

And for the second time, the recipient of the Fran Wishart Award for displaying kindness and support was Michaela Kane.

Overall, Levels 6 and 8 each finished in first place and Level 4 took third place.

Level 3

For ages 7-8, Tess D’Andraia placed third on floor.

For age nine, Mia Decore harnessed her super powers and came in third in the all-around, with third on floor, fourth on vault (9.4) and beam, and fifth on bars. Grace Jeanes was sixth in the all-around, second on floor, third on beam, and scored 9.25 on vault.

For age 10, Lilli Todd placed fifth on vault with 9.15.

For age 11, Abby Jones scored 9.1 (fifth) on vault, placed third on bars and was sixth in the all-around. Winnie Quigg scored 9.25 for third on vault.

Level 4

For age 10, Taylor Archambeau flew through the events to place second  in the all-around, with first on vault (9.4) and beam, third on bars and fifth on floor (9.15).  

For age 11, Lauren Condon placed fourth on floor (9.05) and vault, and tied with superhero teammate Kaelynn Talisse for fifth on bars.

For age 12, Ella Arghirescu lassoed the first place all-around trophy, with first on beam (9.1), second on vault (9.1), third on bars and fourth on floor. Sofia Vitti channeled her inner Bat Girl to take second place in the all-around, scoring 9.15 for first on vault and floor, third on beam and fourth on bars. Emma Incao’s sonar mask of concentration earned her fourth on vault and beam, and Isabella Silverstein scored 9.0 on vault for third.

For ages 13-15, Simona Gheorghe came in fourth on vault and bars, fifth on floor and sixth in the all-around. Nina Ferrucci took home third on vault and fourth on beam. Madeline Mosquera received the bronze medal for floor and placed fourth on beam.

Level 5

For ages 9-11, Alyssa Mariani’s knock’em sock’em spirit earned her first on vault (9.3), second on floor (9.05), third on beam and third in the all-around.

For ages 13-15, Isabella Giordano unleashed her superhuman Hulk to win first on beam, second on floor, fourth on vault and bars, and third in the all-around. Samantha Bauer tapped into her inner wonder powers to take silver on beam, fourth on vault, fifth on bars and floor, and fifth in the all-around.

Level 6

For ages 11-12, Ashley Umhoefer’s feline strength landed her on top of the podium for all four events, with 9.5 on vault and floor, 9.1 on bars and 9.25 on beam, as she was crowned the undisputed all-around champion. Sofia Blessing flew in with her cape to win second on bars, third on floor (9.05) and beam, fourth on vault and third in the all-around. Alyssa Smeriglio placed second on bars, third on vault (9.0), fourth on floor, and was fifth in the all-around.  

For ages 13-14, Alyson Scheurkogel’s ‘purrfect’ poise was rewarded with first on vault (9.3), third on floor (9.2) and bars, fourth on beam, and the third all-around trophy.

Donna Stepnowsky’s inner Catwoman revealed herself to take the title of floor champion (9.4), while also earning second on beam, third on vault (9.0), fifth on bars, and fourth in the all-around. Kaylie Berghaus flashed her superpowers to place third on vault (9.0) and bars, fifth on beam, and fifth in the all-around..

For ages 15-17, Ava Walker placed first on beam (9.05) and bars, second on vault (9.0) and third on floor, and she took home the first place all-around trophy to decorate her batcave. Michael Kane took second on floor and bars, third on vault and beam, and placed third in the all-around.

Level 8

For ages 12-13, Olivia Mannino took home the title of all-around champion, sweeping first across the board on all four events.

For ages 14-15, Emma Daughtery soared on vault for first place, took second on floor, beam and bars, and placed second in the all-around.