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The Tri-State Invitational in Trumbull was the scene of a long-awaited feat for the Wilton YMCA Gymnastics team. Held over March 23-24, the Wilton Y Level 6 gymnasts brought their ‘A’ games and beat the longstanding top team to win the all-around title for the division.

Gymnasts from the other levels earned multiple all-around and event titles, displaying the growing strength of the Wilton program. Overall, Level 6 took the division win with first all-around, while the Level 4 team was third all-around and the Level 3 team was sixth all-around.

Level 3

For Ages 7-8 , Tess D’Andraia scored 9.35 on floor (fifth) and placed fourth on bars.

For Age 9, Grace Jeanes was the second-place all-around champion, placing second on beam, third on floor (9.55), fifth on bars, and scoring 9.25 on vault. Mia Decore won the title of floor champion with a whopping 9.7, and placed fifth on vault (9.3). Evy Theriault scored 9.3 on floor and 9.0 on vault.

For Age 10a, Rowan Morse was crowned the all-around champion, winning the gold on beam, and winning the silver on floor (9.65), bars (9.1) and vault (9.3).

For Age 10b, Alyssa Duarte earned 9.2 on floor and 9.05 on vault. Lilli Todd scored 9.45 on vault (third) and 9.3 on floor.

For Age 11, Lia Carusone took home the fourth all-around trophy, scoring 9.4 on floor and placing fourth on bars (9.0) and fifth on vault (9.25). Abigail Schmitt earned a 9.4 on floor.

For Age 12, Isabella Cerra took third on bars and scored 9.05 on floor and 9.15 on vault.

Level 4

Age 10 , Taylor Archambeau was vault champion with a 9.2, placed third on floor and beam, fifth on bars (9.35), and took home the third place all-around trophy. Cailyn Cruickshank placed fourth on vault and floor.

For Age 11, Kaelyn Talisse was fifth in the all-around, placing second on floor and beam, and third on vault. Teagan Stengrim’s steady balance led to second on beam.

For Ages 12-13, Jeni Von Bartheld won the title of all-around champion, placing first on beam (9.1) and floor (9.1), third on bars (9.45) and fourth on vault. Ella Arghirescu placed fourth in the all-around, with second on vault, third on beam, fifth on floor, and scored 9.1 on bars.

Elizabeth Fahey was vault champion (9.0), third on floor and took home sixth in the all-around. Emma Incao fought through an arm injury to place fourth on vault. Madeline Mosquera was fifth on vault and beam.

Level 5

For Ages 9-11 , Alyssa Mariani’s strong showing led to a second in the all-around, with first on vault (9.1), second on bars and beam, and third on floor.

For Ages 12-13, Samantha Bauer placed fifth on vault and floor.

Level 6

For Ages 9-11 , Ashley Umhoefer stood atop the podium as vault (9.3) and bars (9.65) champion, placed second on floor (9.05), third on beam, and brought home the first place all-around trophy.

For Ages 12-13, Alyssa Smeriglio was the floor champion with 9.2, placing fifth on bars (9.1), vault and beam, and taking home the third all-around trophy. Donna Stepnowsky came in fourth in the all-around, placing third on floor (9.05) and vault, and fifth on bars (9.1). Sofia Blessing was fifth in the all-around, taking the title of bars champion (9.3), and placing fifth on floor.

For Ages 14-over, Ava Walker topped the podium to win first place in the all-around, taking first on floor (9.15) and beam (9.1), second on vault (9.0) and third on bars (9.1). Michaela Kane took home the second place all-around trophy, placing first on bars with an impressive 9.5, first on vault (9.05), and second on beam and floor.

Level 8

For Ages 11-13 , Olivia Mannino swept the podium, taking home the first place all-around trophy, and sweeping first across the board for all 4 events.

For Ages 14-15, Emma Daughtery took bronze in the all-around, placing first on floor, second on bars, and third on vault and beam.