Wilton Y Level 8 gymnasts win title at Flippers Invitational

The Wilton YMCA Gymnastics Team travelled to Glastonbury on Jan. 19-21 for the Flippers Invitational Gymnastics Meet, adding yet another successful meet to the season.

Over the three-day meet the Y gymnasts graced the events and lined the podium in flashes of red.

Overall, the Level 8 team took first place in its division, while the Level 6 team was second and the Level 4 team took fifth.

Level 3

For Ages 9 Senior, Grace Jeanes brought home the second-place all-around trophy, placing first on beam (9.0), second on floor (9.0), and third on vault (9.050) and bars (8.7). Mia Decore was fifth in the all-around placing fourth on vault (9.0) and floor.

For Age 10 Junior, Lilli Todd was the vault champion with a 9.1 score. Alyssa Duarte was fourth on vault (8.95).

For Age 11 Junior, Winnie Quigg placed fifth on vault (8.95).

For Ages 11 Senior, Abby Jones placed third on floor (8.7) and fifth on beam (9.0).

Level 4

For Age 11, Kaelyn Talisse’s steady beam routine earned a 9.15 for third place. She was also fifth on vault, and sixth in the all-around. Teagan Stengrim was fourth on vault (9.05) and floor.

For Age 12, Ella Arghirescu took home the silver all-around trophy, placing third across the board on all four events with 9.0 on vault, beam and floor, and 8.8 on bars. Jeni VonBartheld was second on vault (9.05) and bars (9.0), third on floor (9.0), and sixth in the all-around. Elizabeth Fahey was the vault champion with a 9.3, and placed fourth on beam. Even injured, Sofia Vitti’s fighting spirit was awarded with a fourth place on bars.

For Ages 13-over, Simona Gheorghe was fifth on beam and fourth on bars. Nina Ferruci placed second on beam.

Level 5

For Ages 13-over, Isabella Giordano stood on the podium with third place on floor and fifth place on vault.

Level 6

For Ages 11-12, Ashley Umhoefer scored a 9.3 for her beautiful bars routine for second place, and scored 9.25 (fifth) on floor and 9.2 on vault. Sofia Blessing placed fourth on bars with a 9.2.

For Age 13, Alyson Scheurkogel won the second-place all-around trophy, narrowly missing the title by a 10th of a point. Kaylie Berghaus soared on bars to earn the title of bars champion with a 9.1, and also scored 9.0 on vault, and placed fifth in the all-around. Donna Stepnowsky scored 9.2 on vault. Chloe Jureller placed fourth on beam (9.1), fifth on floor, and scored 9.25 on vault.

For Ages 14-over, Ava Walker was crowned beam champion with an incredible 9.5 score, and scored 9.05 on vault.

Michaela Kane placed third on floor (9.15) and fourth on vault (9.2), and was recognized for her display of courage, bravery and a fighting spirit during the competition with the Fran Wishart award, in memory of former Connecticut gymnastics judge Fran Wishart.

Level 7

For Age Senior, Isabella Jureller took fourth on vault (9.2) and beam, and finished fifth in the all-around.

Level 8

For Age Junior, Olivia Mannino took home the silver all-around trophy, earning second on bars (9.1) and beam (9.1), and fourth on floor. Emma Daugherty placed fourth on floor (9.050) and fifth on vault and bars. Mia Karlehag placed fifth on floor (9.0) and fourth on vault.

For Age Senior, Alyssa Jarrett placed first on beam with a 9.1, fourth on bars and fifth on vault. Kate Ginsburg was floor champion with a 9.1, and was also third on beam and fourth on vault.