Wilton Wahoos support breast cancer awareness

The Wilton Y Wahoos will hold their third Breast Cancer Awareness Meet to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research foundations during the Thanksgiving Invitational meet in November.

Wilton Y Wahoo families will spend their spare time making homemade desserts for a bake sale, which will be held over the course of two days during the meets. Swimmers will be showing their support in the pool, as well, with pink swim caps adorned with the breast cancer symbol. Also handed out at the bake sale will be educational pamphlets for breast cancer awareness.

Connecticut has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the US with 3,000 women being diagnosed this year alone. The Wilton Y Wahoos are looking to do their part making an impact on the fight against breast cancer and contributing their donations to the Connecticut affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

The fundraising efforts this year are led by two Wilton Y Wahoo swimmers, Nick Nonnenmacher and Liela Hastings, along with guidance and help from coach Matt Hall.Coach for the Wilton Y Wahoos, Randy Erlenbach, said

“To witness how our children in the swim team are giving back by raising money and awareness is really motivational and heart-warming,” said Randy Erlenbach, head coach for the Wilton Y Wahoos.

This is the third time the Wilton Wahoos have held a fundraising meet of this kind, and they plan on supporting more events to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

“Giving back to the community has long been an integral part of the Wilton Family YMCA. The swimming and YMCA community is excited about the possibilities these events hold to help out a good cause and bring our community closer together,” said Bob McDowell, CEO of the Riverbrook Regional YMCA.