Wilton Soccer Association scoreboard

Wilton Soccer Association teams had the following results in recent action:

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Wilton Blue 4, Easton 1
Early in the first half, Michael Cooper passed to Conor Lillis,  who scored on an amazing shot from the outside to put Wilton ahead 1-0. Next, off a bounce, Scott Mills made a quick pass to Matthew Tabet, who sped up field and scored on a beautiful kick to make it 2-0. Left wing Luke Barbieri was relentless and scored the third goal for Wilton, converting a nice pass from Ross Edkins. Jack Dodman had several shots on goal from outside the box, and Tyler Moody and Amir Sabovic kept pushing forward with three more attempts. Off a corner kick from Christian Marroquin just 2:30 into the second half, Ryan Leung fired a missile over the goalie’s head for a 4-0 Wilton lead. Tommy Lowell was a force to be reckoned with on defense, along with Dylan Bender and Matthew Tully. Sam Gioffre was sharp in goal, with several great saves.


Wilton Blue 7, Trumbull 1
Wilton’s offense and defense dominated both halves, allowing the team to take 21 shots on goal in the first half and 14 more in the second half. Despite going into halftime up 2-0 on goals by Addison Bergin and Griffin Casey, Wilton could have had a bigger lead if not for a great effort by the Trumbull goalie. However, Wilton quickly wore down its opponent in the second half and connected more often, as Declan Zadourian, Wyatt Jones and Luka Andjelkovic each scored a goal and Cole van den Heuvel added two goals. Solid defensive play throughout the game by Luke Umphred, Charlie Clune and Luke Ginsburg — and great goalie play by Henry Roy in the first half and Jamie Whittaker in the second half — held Trumbull to only one goal.
Danbury 10, Wilton Gold 4
Wilton Gold lost to a tough Danbury team. Finn Kaeyer had a hat trick for Wilton, and Ben Zappaterrini added the other Wilton goal. Mac McGovern and Elliott Stalls combined for 16 saves. Charlie Green, Max Reznik, Caden Wright, MIchael Carol, Finn O’Halloran, and Nicholas Tournas all gave great efforts.


Westport 5, Wilton White 0
In the first half, Charlie Rosa made several fantastic saves in goal. The offense pushed up field with shots on goal from Nathaniel Kalter, Amit Solomon, Toby Plowman, and Andrew Partenza. The second half opened with nice passing and defensive plays from Connor Buchichio, Brian Sallese and Matthew Martins. Nate Jackson had impressive stops as goalie. The Wilton offense never gave up and continued to press with Jack Crossen and Finn Burke taking shots on goal.
Wilton Blue 5, Trumbull 1
In the first half, goalkeeper Samik Soi made nine saves for Wilton (2-0 this season) and allowed no goals, turning away a formidable and determined Trumbull team.

As the tide turned Wilton’s way heading into halftime, James Cameron led the charge on offense with two goals and Stefanos Cross contributed one. Daniel Aravena, Matthew DeMasi and Luke Perna all contributed to a solid team effort on offense, creating havoc and numerous scoring opportunities. Wilton’s invincible defense in the second half was led by Mason Andrews, Maddox Backman and Grady Kaliski. Curt Brichkowski and Evan Lalor took turns in goal for Wilton, closing the door on a number of attempts by Trumbull. The second half ended with Cameron and Lalor each scoring one goal.

Wilton’s victory built on a solid week-one performance that saw Blue defeat New Canaan, 7-0. Kaliski and Andrews were flawless in goal, with help from defensive players Aravena, Lalor, Perna, and Soi. Fancy footwork and great passing led to an early lead with three assists from Cross, three goals by Brichkowski, and one goal apiece from Backman, DeMasi, Kaliski, and William Soucy.

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Fairfield 3, Wilton White 1
Wilton dominated the first half with numerous strikes on goal, including scoring threats from Fiona O’Halloran, Olivia Newfield, Sydney Reuter, Julia Peterson, Denise Stretinska, and Aki Lasher. Wilton was moving the ball well and also presented impressive defensive play with Emily Johnson in goal, backed by a strong defensive line with numerous blocks and tackles from Sloan Barker, Catie Baer, Anabelle Creveling, Lainey Scolnik, and Rebecca Crocitto. Despite a great team effort, Wilton was down 2-0 at the half. At the start of the second half, Allie Giller scored Wilton’s only goal on a beautifully executed breakaway. Strong defense continued with Ariella Hattenbach in goal and Emily Mrakovcic, Taite Innes, Olivia Newfield and Sloan Barker pushing the ball up and protecting the back.
Wilton Blue wins tourney title
Wilton Blue delivered its strongest performance, playing with aggressive style, pinpoint passing and tight defense to beat four New York teams and win the White Plains (N.Y.) tournament for the third straight year. Wilton did not concede any goals in the tournament, shutting out all four opponents behind stout defense led by Bella Andjelkovic, Emily Bukowski, Kathryn Cronin, Abby Kyle, Ava Marini, Meredith Mobyed, Avery Newcomber, and, Akira Nobumoto, along with great goal tending by both Katie Umphred and Gracie Kaplan.

Wilton dominated each game, controlling the ball at midfield. In the opening game, Wilton crushed Edgemont, 4-0, with goals from Ellie Copley, Lindsey Grandolfo, Gracie Kaplan and Kathleen Lamanna. Wilton then beat host White Plains, 2-0, with impressive goals from Morgan Lebek and Jamie Leventhal. Wilton plastered Larchmont, 3-0, in the third game, with an onslaught of scoring attempts that led to goals from Grandolfo, Lebek and Lamanna, who had a truly memorable performance.

The final game was against Briarcliff for the championship. Wilton continued to dominate play with numerous shots on goal. Midway through game, Megan Hanny launched a high rising shot from near midfield that just evaded the competent Briarcliff goalie, giving Wilton a 1-0 lead. Wilton’s air-tight defense and superior goalie play continued to completely shut down Briarcliff.


Wilton Gold 7, Weston 1
Wilton came out firing. Grace Duvall minded the net as Wilton poured on the offense, with Sawyer Pendergast, Mary Scalli and Taylor Felipe finding the back of the net in the first half. Clutch passing from Caitlin Allen, Ella Savage, Morgan Felipe and Julia Ursitti, along with solid defense from Anya Iyer, Jemma Bear and Isabella Schmidt, kept Wilton in front. Caitlin Ongley capped the scoring as Wilton cruised to victory.


Westport 3, Wilton Blue 2
The game started with strong pressure and fast play from Grace O’Connor and Alexa Furst. Molly Kaeyer and Josie Goldman provided strong defensive maneuvers to thwart Westport and quickly moved the ball back to offense, while Morgan Breakey demonstrated calm and focus in goal. Ashleigh Masterson and Isabel Barbieri blasted powerful shots at Westport. Brooke Aleksiejczyk had multiple shots on goal, including a boot from midfield. Addison Pattillo rotated into goal and provided some amazing saves. But Wilton’s offensive drives were rebuffed, and Westport led 2-0 at the end of the first half.

Wilton dominated the start of the second half, led by Fiona Gibbons’ strong tactical footwork on defense and Lindsay Morin’s bursts of speed up and down the field. Solid teamwork was on display with multiple passes leading to a goal from Masterson. Shortly thereafter, Barbieri evened the score at 2-2. Jane Hughes led multiple drives toward Westport’s goal with her powerful boot, while Siena McDermott’s deft touch in the midfield averted multiple attacks and contributed to scoring attempts. But Westport regained the lead and held off Wilton for the win.
Wilton Gold 1, Ridgefield 0
Wilton Gold defeated visiting Ridgefield on Sunday. Right from the start, Wilton’s forward line of Maddie Phelan, Gigi McWhorter, Karolina Bukowski and Eliza Patty applied constant pressure on the visitors. When play did turn the other way, the defense of Sophia O’Neill, Madison Gillespie and Maddie O’Neill limited any quality chances. Goalie Catherine Walsh made sure nothing got past her. In the second half, Wilton continued to attack, with chances created by Melissa Ongley, Gracie Gili and Caroline Hage. The Warriors finally broke through when Megan Dodman scored on a pretty shot. Ridgefield applied late pressure in an attempt to tie the score, but second-half goalie Sophia O’Neill made sure that Wilton got the shutout victory.
Darien 4, Wilton White 2
The teams appeared evenly matched, with Riley Fitzgerald and Sadie Klyver applying pressure on the New Canaan goal. Kaitlyn Sullivan, with an assist from Emmy Baer, scored on a beautiful shot for Wilton. The always capable Ella Breitenbach controlled the midfield, with lots of help from Addison Dobson’s accurate passing game. A strong trio of defenders — Madeline Dineen, Jenna Peterson and Sasha Langholm — had its work cut out as much of the activity centered on the Wilton goal. Caroline Luce and Lauren Moe were safe hands in the net, providing tough defense despite the multiple shots that came their way. Mary Kate Doyle worked hard to wrest the ball from Darien and scored Wilton’s second goal.


Ridgefield 3, Wilton White 2
Wilton White played a back-and-forth game against Ridgefield but came up a goal short. Meghan Wood scored early in the game. Maddie Ratcliff kept the game close with several important stops as goalkeeper. A stout defense was led by Miya Lasher and Amanda Prather, with good midfield play from Samantha Mims. Wilton started the second half down, 2-1, before Ava Fasano scored with a midfield assist from Molly Alger. Natalie Schlesinger made numerous key saves throughout the second half as goalkeeper. Hanna Fitzgerald, Georgia Russnok, Becky Arnowitz and Mariana Lombardi kept up the offensive pressure, but in the end Ridgefield scored late to pull ahead.
Westport 2, Wilton Blue 0
Scoring early in the first half, Westport proved to be a worthy opponent. Despite some strong offensive plays by Cosette Lepore, Westport scored a second goal midway through the first half. Olivia Koziol made an impressive shot on goal that flew just over the crossbar. Kaitlyn Zizzadoro also had several shots on goal but her efforts were deflected by Westport. Wilton goalie Teagan Stengrim made some valiant saves, preventing Westport from more scoring in the first half. Abbey Byrnes and Mae Sylvester kept the team motivated with great efforts on both offense and defense throughout the game. Abby Petrie made skillful passes to Riley Casey, who demonstrated good footwork and spatial awareness. Wilton was close to making a comeback with a shot by Paige Leung that fell just short of the goal. Ellen Wilkinson’s strategic tackles helped to prevent Westport from advancing further. Giuliana Scaturchio was formidable in goal for the second half.
Wilton White 3, Weston 2
Wilton had a spirited offensive attack in the first half led by Sophie Fitzgerald, Izzy Wilkinson and Mia Robustelli, but it could not break through a tough Weston defense. Ellie Drew and Elizabeth Crocitto led the backline and played aggressively and continually turned the Weston offensive pressure away. Kate Lane kept Wilton in the game with some great saves in goal and a first-half clean sheet. Wilton broke through in the second half. Julia Munrow gave White a big shot in the arm with two powerful strikes that found the back of the net. The Wilton girls controlled possession with the great midfield passing and ball control of Annalise Lamanna and Grace Costa. Lia Lombardi kept the defense together, making a great save on a Weston strike from inside the box. Wilton continually put pressure on the Weston defense with great runs and strikes. Abigail Schmitt and Chloe Flatt played multiple long balls down the right side of the field, keeping the Weston defense on its heels. Wilton got the winning goal late in the second half when Grace Ratcliff sent a shot right past the goalie and into the upper-right corner.