Many firsts for Y gymnasts at Wilton qualifier

Two hundred gymnasts came to the Wilton YMCA last Saturday for the Wilton Qualifier gymnastics meet. Thanks to generous volunteers, great team spirit and good weather, the event ran smoothly and showcased athletic talent at all levels.

Level 3

In ages 9-11, Kaelyn Talisse had a great showing, dazzling on vault with a perfect 10 (first place), 9.6 on floor (second), 9.25 on bars (fifth) and 9.45 on beam (third), and grabbing the title of all-around champion.

Jenny Von Bartheld also performed well on all four events, with scores of 9.6 on beam (first), 9.3 on bars (fourth), 9.15 on vault and 9.0 on floor, while coming in fourth in the all-around.

Sophia Vitti’s strong performances on vault (9.7, second place) and floor (9.5, third) helped her take fifth in the all-around.

Ella Mancuso placed fourth on floor with 9.4, and scored 9.35 on vault and 9.05 on bars.

Vault and floor proved to be strong events for the team, with Geneva Southworth scoring 9.2 on vault and 9.1 on floor, Caitlyn Cruickshank scoring 9.1 on vault and 9.0 on floor, and Teagan Stengrim scoring 9.0 on vault and 9.1 on floor. Isabella Silverstein placed fifth on floor with 9.3, and tied on vault with Fiona Walsh, both scoring 9.25.

In ages 12-over, McKayla Iacoponi brought her game face and excelled on all four events, placing first on vault (9.7), first on bars (9.2), first on beam (9.4) and fourth on floor (9.0), and taking first in the all-around.

Nina Ferrucci’s performance led to a third place in the all-around, as she scored 9.6 on vault (second), 9.0 on bars (second), 8.85 on beam (fourth) and 9.1 on floor (third). Maddie Mosquera placed fifth on vault (9.4) and fourth on floor (9.0).

Level 4

In ages 9-11, Ella Arghirescu’s steady poise and balance led to a first-place finish on beam (9.3), along with a fifth place on floor (9.0), fourth on bars, and fourth in the all-around.

In ages 12-over, Simona Gheorghe was composed under pressure, placing first on vault (9.0), second on beam (9.0), fourth on bars (9.25) and fourth on floor, while earning the all-around title.

Gemma Huck’s powerful roundoff double back handspring led to a first place on floor with 9.2, followed by second on vault, third on bars, fifth on beam, and second in the all-around.

Level 5

In ages 9-11, Ashley Umhoefer came to win, taking first on vault (9.45), bars (9.7) and floor (9.7), fourth on beam, and placing first in the all-around.

In ages 12-over, Alyson Scheurkogel placed fourth in the all-around with a first place on beam (9.0). She was third on vault (9.05) and tied with Donna Stepnowsky for third on floor (9.10).

Stepnowsky also tied with Chloe Jureller for second place on vault with 9.1. Michaela Kane was third on bars and Ava Walker placed fifth on beam.

Level 6

In ages 12-14, steady performances by Emily D'Onofio and Isabella Jureller led to the teammates tying for second in the all-around. D’Onofio scored 9.4 on beam (first), 9.1 on vault (fifth) and 9.0 on floor, and placed fourth on bars. Jureller placed first on vault (9.3) and third on beam (9.2) and bars.

Jessica Wu took second on beam with 9.25, and Katheryn Walsh placed second on vault with 9.25. Grace Chen scored 9.0 on floor.

In ages 15-over, Jenna Smeriglio placed first on all four events and was first in the all-around.

Level 7

In ages 7-11, Sarah Cross’s beautiful performances on all four events resulted in her winning the all-around title. She finished first on floor (9.7), beam (9.2) and bars, and was second on vault (9.3).

Mia Karlehag also had a great meet, placing first on vault (9.4) and taking second for floor (9.3), bars, beam, and in the all-around.

In ages 12-14, Olivia Mannino’s strong routines led to her placing second in the all-around, with first on beam (9.15), second on bars (9.0) and fourth on floor (9.1).

Emma Daugherty placed fifth on vault and third on floor (9.2).

Sarah Collias placed first on vault with an impressive 9.4, and finished fifth on floor.