Gymnastics: Warriors hit season-high 137

It was a tale of two meets for the Wilton High gymnastics team.

Last Friday night at the Wilton Family Y, the Warriors turned in their worst performance of the season, with a score of 127.35 that was nearly four points below their season average.

On Monday at New Canaan, they bounced back with a season-best score of 137, which was more than six points above their season average going into the meet. The Warriors’ previous season-best had been 133.3.

The end result was a slight bump up in season average, to 131.38, and a pair of wins that improved Wilton’s record to 4-4 overall, and 3-4 in the FCIAC. The Warriors beat Joel Barlow on Friday, 127.35 to 116.05, and easily defeated New Canaan on Monday, 137 to 121.2.

Bars and beam accounted for most of the big bump in scoring at Monday’s meet.

Wilton had a season-high score of 34.9 on bars — which was three points higher than its season average. The Warriors got season-best scores by all six girls in the rotation — Riley Wadehra (8.85), Alex Uriarte (8.7), Sam Farhi (8.7), Morgan Leddy (8.65), Alyssa Jarrett (8.6) and Brooke Taffler (8.4).

The beam score of 34.8 was also a season best, and more than three points higher than the Warriors’ season average. Uriarte scored a season-best 9.0 to lead the way, while Taffler had a season-best 8.8. Leddy scored 8.6 and Meredith Nash and Jarrett both had season-best 8.3s.

Wilton’s score on vault, 33.7, was slightly better than the team’s season average. Nicki Babkowski led the way with an 8.6.

The Warriors also scored slightly above their season average on floor with a 33.6. Nash led the way with a season-best 8.8, while Babkowski scored an 8.6.

Uriarte had a season-best all-around score with a 34.45, while Leddy had an all-around score of 32.95 in her first meet of performing in all four events.

In Friday’s meet against Barlow, the Warriors had their lowest scores of the season on vault and floor, which helped lead to a season-low team score of 127.35.

The highlight of the meet came on floor, where Babkowski scored a season-best 8.85.

Results for the meets were:

Wilton 127.35, Barlow 116.05

Vault (32.25) — Meredith Nash 8.2, Nicki Babkowski 8.15, Rebecca Poirier 8.0, Alex Uriarte 7.9, Morgan Leddy 7.8, Brooke Taffler 7.4; Bars (31.95) — Riley Wadehra 8.25, Alex Uriarte 8.0, Sam Farhi 7.9, Alyssa Jarrett 7.8, Brooke Taffler 7.7, Morgan Leddy 7.45; Beam (30.45) — Morgan Leddy 8.1, Sam Farhi 7.8, Alyssa Jarrett 7.8, Meredith Nash 7.45, Alex Uriarte 7.1, Brooke Taffler 6.1; Floor (32.7) — Nicki Babkowski 8.85, Morgan Leddy 8.4, Alex Uriarte 8.25, Taylor White 7.2, Rebecca Poirier 7.0.
Wilton 137, New Canaan 121.2

Vault (33.7) — Nicki Babkowski 8.6, Meredith Nash 8.4, Rebecca Poirier 8.35, Alex Uriarte 8.35, Riley Wadehra 8.2, Morgan Leddy 7.8, Taylor White 7.8, Brooke Taffler 7.7; Bars (34.9) — Riley Wadehra 8.85, Alex Uriarte 8.7, Sam Farhi 8.7, Morgan Leddy 8.65, Alyssa Jarrett 8.6, Brooke Taffler 8.4; Beam (34.8) — Alex Uriarte 9.0, Brooke Taffler 8.8, Morgan Leddy 8.6, Sam Farhi 8.4, Alyssa Jarrett 8.3, Meredith Nash 8.3; Floor (33.6) — Meredith Nash 8.8, Nicki Babkowski 8.6, Alex Uriarte 8.3, Morgan Leddy 7.9, Rebecca Poirier 7.65, Taylor White 7.0.