Emerson helps women’s hockey team win national championship

Wilton High assistant girls hockey coach Jeffy Cowles Emerson has a message to young girls — hockey can be a passion they can enjoy long after their youth or high school days are over.

“I want kids to see and know it’s a life sport,” she said, after helping Trail Mix women’s hockey team win the over-50 division at the recent USA Hockey 2016 Adult Rec Nationals in Tampa, Fla. “I don’t think people look at hockey as a viable life sports for girls, but it is.”

Emerson, a Wilton resident who plays recreation hockey in several area women’s leagues, has been playing since high school.

She said she was “just looking for a team to play with” at nationals when she hooked up Trail Mix, which is based in the Boston area, along with her sisters, Karen Cowles Berkley and Louisa Cowles Hayes.

Trail Mix finished the national tourney (held April 21-24) with a 4-0 record, beating a team called Spice on Ice in the finals, 2-1. Emerson, a defenseman, was part of a defense that held the opposition to three goals in four games.