Boys swimming: Wilton tops Trumbull in opener

Six different swimmers were individual event winners as the Wilton High boys swimming team opened the season on Friday with a 102-55 win over Trumbull at home.

The Warriors got wins from Matt Martin (200-yard freestyle), Gordon Stewart (200-yard IM), Harrison McCool (50-yard freestyle), Jack Lewis (100-yard freestyle), Mattias Schaller (500-yard freestyle) and Alex Li (100-yard breaststroke).

Wilton also won all three relays, and overall finished 1-2 in six events.

Both Trumbull wins came from Daniel Matysczyk, who was first in both the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke.


200-yard medley relay

1. Wilton (Jack Lewis, Kyle Wilson, Harrison McCool, Will Suchy)

2. Trumbull (Ryan Johnson, James Tamarkin, Bowen Redgate, Lachezar Aleksandrov)

3. Wilton (Nathaniel Snyder, Alex Li, Dylan Flanagan, Jackson Dill)

200 freestyle

1. Matt Martin (Wilton)

2. Jake Florio (Wilton)

3. Alexander Jozwa (Trumbull)

4. Bowen Redgate (Trumbull)

5. Mattias Schaller (Wilton)

200 IM

1. Gordon Steward (Wilton)

2. Dylan Flanagan (Wilton)

3. Lachezar Aleksandrov (Trumbull)

4. Ryan Johnson (Trumbull)

5. Dylan Leigland (Trumbull)

50 freestyle

1. Harrison McCool (Wilton)

2. Jackson Dill (Wilton)

3. Harshpreet Singh (Trumbull)

4. Ryan Frankel (Wilton)

5. Ryan Johnson (Trumbull)

100 butterfly

1. Daniel Matysczyk (Trumbull)

2. Nathaniel Snyder (Wilton)

3. James Steward (Wilton)

4. Matthew Lamanna (Wilton)

5. Tyler Domond (Trumbull)

100 freestyle

1. Jack Lewis (Wilton)

2. Gordon Steward (Wilton)

3. James Tamarkin (Trumbull)

4. Matt Martin (Wilton)

5. Lachezar Aleksandrov (Trumbull)

500 freestyle

1. Mattias Schaller (Wilton)

2. Alexander Jozwa (Trumbull)

3, Dylan Flanagan (Wilton)

4. Jake Florio (Wilton)

200 freestyle relay

1. Wilton (McCool, Lewis, Suchy, G. Steward)

2. Trumbull (Aleksandrov, Jozwa, Tamarkin, Leigland)

3. Wilton (Li, Wilson, J. Steward, Martin)

100 backstroke

1. Daniel Matysczyk (Trumbull)

2. Jackson Dill (Wilton)

3. Nathaniel Snyder (Wilton)

4. William Trentos (Wilton)

5. Tyler Domond (Trumbull)

100 breaststroke

1. Alex Li (Wilton)

2. Jason Cai (Wilton)

3. James Steward (Wilton)

4. Dylan Leigland (Trumbull)

5. Bowen Redgate (Trumbull)

400 freestyle relay

1. Wilton (Lewis, McCool, Suchy, G. Steward)

2. Wilton (Wilson, Dill, Florio, Martin)

2. Trumbull (Johnson, Redgate, Domond, Jozwa)