Wilton teen races to the finish line before graduating high school

WILTON — A local teen is making a name for herself in the racing world, and it’s all before she graduates from high school.

Emma Delattre, a Wilton resident and high school senior at Wooster School in Danbury, has been racing since the young age of 8.

“My dad was a businessman who had a passion for race cars. He turned his passion into being a professional race car driver,” she said.

Emma said she was always exposed to the racing world either by watching Formula 1 on TV with her dad or watching it live. She also went with the family to all of her dad’s Ferrari Challenge Races throughout the U.S. and Italy for the World Finals.

“It inspired me when I was 5, when I first saw a kart race at GPNY; but since a 5-year-old can’t race, I had to wait until I was 8 to race,” she said.

Emma started in karts and has progressed from national to international ranks. In 2019, she raced in Florida, Utah, California, Italy, the UK, Canada, New York, New Jersey, and Nevada.

However, since the start of this year, Emma hasn’t done any racing, as she is taking a break to focus on school and, she thought, to enjoy her senior year at Wooster. “Sadly, my senior year has been cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak,” she said.

The road to success

Emma got the chance to be the only female American to represent Team U.S. in the second year in a row at the Super-final’s in Italy. Emma was the only American to make it in the main final where 34 competed.

“I started 17th for the main final, but finished 21st overall, due to a couple of issues and mistakes on my part,” she said.

Some of her greatest accomplishments include winning the OMP Trophy Race on pole out of 39 drivers. In both 2018 and 2019 races, she was the highest-placed American, North American, and only female in North America.

Also, in 2019, Emma was nominated for the Vroom Best Female Kart Racer for 2019. Vroom is an international racing magazine, where their committee chooses the best 35 female drivers of the world. Emma was the only American chosen for the honor, and at the end of the fan voting, she placed third. (She was not the third-best female kart driver in the world for 2019, Emma clarified.)

Plans after high school

When Emma graduates from high school, her plans include going to college to get a degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish. Her dream is to be a professional race car driver. She knows that it will be hard with college, but hopes to compete in several races if possible.

“I want to race across the U.S. and ultimately in Europe. My dream is to compete and win the 24 hours of Le Mans,” she said.

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus effecting the entire world, it has canceled all races and practice days for Emma. She has no doubt she will be doing any driving or racing until after graduation. Throughout the summer, she has plans to practice in her BMW race cars, which she admits, is a pretty big step up from karting.

When it comes to family, Delattre definitely has their support. It started when her dad introduced her to his passion for racing. Since day one of her racing, the family has been there cheering for her, even when things didn’t go her way. Her family has always been her biggest fans.