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Wilton Youth Football teams had the following results in action from the opening weekend of the Fairfield County Football League season:

Third grade

Wilton Blue 7, Ridgefield 6

The game got off to an exciting start as Eddie Keller blocked while Sean Wiseman made a breakaway touchdown to put Wilton up by six. Matthew Giller made the extra point making the score 7-0. Awesome defensive players Dominic Roberts, J.T. Heffernan, Tyler Moody, Keller, Max Silva, Max Mercado, Christopher McCann, Shane Taubin and Andrew Pellicano made sure that Ridgefield was kept at bay. In the last few minutes of the second quarter, Ridgefield scored but was unable to get the extra point thanks to an amazing play by Giller.

The second half opened with nice tackles by Ben Calabrese, Jackson Rivas and Ryan Farrar. Wilton’s defensive team of Sean Garvey, Conner Robertson, Daniel Rosenbaum, Ryan Jackson and Joe Shiavone made sure that Ridgefield didn’t get close to their endzone. A great tackle by Heffernan forced Ridgefield to second and 12. With less than one minute on the clock, Mikey Longo took the ball for a second down for Wilton. The clock ran out and Wilton hung on for the win.

Fourth grade

Wilton Blue 20, New Canaan Red 0

The Wilton Blue defense, consisting of E.J. Fasano, Michael Burton, Luke O’Neil, Christian Theoharides, Ashton Argento, Dante Filipponi., Kiel Polito, Wooder Thoby, Logan Brady, David Boal and Nolan Graham, established the pattern for the day, forcing a three and out to start the game. Although Wilton’s first drive was stymied by penalties, the second drive quickly brought a score, as Thoby slashed up the middle to paydirt behind a crushing lead block from Burton. The PAT made it 8-0. The ‘Yellow Submarine’ defense of Kyle Burns, Sam Ricketts, Kyle Jordan, Will Murphy, Henry Sell, Jimmy McKiernan, John Stanley, Trevor Martines, Max Mannino, Antonio Goosman, and Connor Roman continued the defensive domination, quickly returning the ball to Wilton’s ‘Red’ offense, consisting of O’Neil, Murphy, Ricketts, McKiernan, Theoharides, Martines, Filipponi, Graham, Roman, Brady and Polito, which launched a long, time-consuming drive that almost led to a score but ended on a fumble inside the New Canaan five-yard line.

Wilton’s ‘Green’ offense, Chris Jones, Argento, Fasano, Trey Dexter, Sell, Jordan, Burton, Stanley, Michael Gruseke, Mannino and Thoby, opened the second half with another touchdown on a long Thoby gallop, extending the lead to 14-0. With the defense keeping New Canaan bottled up, Wilton was able to salt away the victory when Mannino took an inside hand-off to the endzone, bringing the final score to 20-0. Wilton’s quarterbacks, Stanley, Graham and Burns, and runners did an impressive job minimizing fumbles in wet conditions, but the story of the game was the Wilton defense, which allowed less than five first downs and kept New Canaan’s offense from ever mounting a serious scoring threat.

Wilton White 8, New Canaan White 6

Wilton White won a hard-fought defensive battle against a very tough New Canaan White team on Sunday morning.

Wilton’s offense moved the ball well on its first possession behind strong line play from Matt Gulbin, Jack Tinnen, Austin Cameron, Davis Cote, Anthony Passaniti, Brian Cipri and Charlie Hastings. The drive ultimately stalled, however. On its second possession, Wilton’s offense came out firing with a nice pass play for a first down from quarterback Everett Andersen to wide receiver Ryan Sorbo. Running back Sean Sullivan then found a hole, created by nice blocking from Michael Coffey and Davis Cote, and galloped 40 yards. Sullivan finished the job on the next play, scoring Wilton’s only touchdown behind great blocking from Gulbin and Cipri. Running back Blake Pagano-Walley completed the two-point conversion with a strong run, making the score 8-0.

Wilton’s defense fought hard to protect the lead but New Canaan’s offense showed great discipline and an impressive variety of formations. Despite some hard tackles on the outside by Michael Colbert and Alex Smith, New Canaan was able to keep its drive alive. When Will Haljun, Peter Groves, Ryan MacDougall and Brendan Quinn stuffed a play up the middle, it looked like Wilton was safe. However, New Canaan eventually ran the ball in to make the score 8-6. In an attempt to tie the game, New Canaan went for two points. Wilton’s Matt Gulbin, Jack Tineen and Brendan Sullivan combined to stuff the runner and, though they didn’t know it at the time, protect the winning margin for Wilton.

Despite some hard running by Pagano-Walley, Wilton’s offense only had one more threatening drive, highlighted by quarterback Sorbo’s 24-yard gain behind the blocking of Owen Pettit and Matthew Murphy.

The rest of the game would see a series of drives for both teams stall as the respective defenses stiffened. Defensive ends Quinn Wiseman and Austin Cameron made several key tackles as New Canaan repeatedly ran sweeps outside. Cornerbacks Brendan Sullivan and Connor Healey stopped several New Canaan plays from spelling disaster for Wilton with their hard-nosed tackles. And when New Canaan tried the middle of Wilton’s defense, linebackers Sullivan and Andersen were there to make multiple tackles with help from outstanding play by Connor Quinn, Alex Smith and Ryan Siegel.

Wilton was not able to seal the victory until a series of key tackles — Sorbo’s tackle on the outside on first down, Brendan Quinn’s hard hit on second down, Cameron and Coffey’s crushing tackle on third down and Cipri, Pagano-Walley and Tinnen’s gang-tackle on fourth down — ended New Canaan’s final drive of the game.

Fifth grade

Wilton White 21, Weston 7

Wilton White played a spirited game despite a torrential rain Saturday night. The tone for the evening was set by the fired-up Wilton defense. Led by the impressive defensive line of Matthew Dooley, Jackson Boffey, Sean Purdy, Jack Santomero and Drew Saumier, a stunned Weston team found nowhere to run. The line backing core of Matthew McVey, Drew Phillips, Reilly Sullivan and Cole Stephenson kept the pressure on Weston, as well. Anthony Saldutti and Andrew Travers also found their way into the mix. All in all, it was a three and out for Weston with negative yardage on the first drive.

The Wilton White offense, led by terrific line blocking by Nishant Wangneo, Eric Zhang, Clyde Tinnen, Stephen Kendra, D.J. DiCostanzo, Griffin Morris and Matthew McVey, scored on its opening drive. A sure-handed and steady Ryan Healey pitched the ball to Drew Phillips, who followed Niko Kouvaris and Reilly Sullivan around the end, picked up some great downfield blocking and went 59 yards for a Wilton TD. Wilton converted the two-point conversion.

Sean Purdy had a jarring tackle on Wilton White’s second defensive series and that led to a Weston fumble and a Wilton recovery.

The offensive line picked up right where it left off, providing plenty of daylight for Drew Phillips, Niko Kouvaris and Reilly Sullivan to move the ball down field. Reilly Sullivan scored the second Wilton touchdown and Matthew McVey pounded in the extra point with a gutsy run.

Wilton’s next defensive stand was led by Matthew Kurtz and Dom Caratozzolo, who helped keep the Weston offense from picking up a first down.

After Wilton scored its third TD of the game, Matthew Lamanna raced around the right side carrying three Weston defenders down to the one-yard line, coming up just short on the extra point conversion.

Alex Buse, Spencer Reyes and Matthew Lamanna played hard-nosed defense throughout, helping to hold Weston to one touchdown. Matthew Dooley, Matthew McVey, Griffin Morris and Sean Purdy all carried the ball for the high-powered Wilton offense. Cooper Heinemann, typically a key contributor, was rooting for the team from home.

Wilton Blue 27, New Canaan Black 14

In a game where heroes abounded and the team’s character was tested early, Wilton Blue defeated a very talented New Canaan squad with a total team effort.

New Canaan stunned the Warriors on the game’s third play with a 61-yard touchdown run. The extra point made it 7-0 just two minutes into the game.

After a Wilton drive stalled at the Rams 16, the Warrior defense reestablished itself, forcing New Canaan to punt, giving the Warriors possession on the New Canaan 45. On fourth and five, Austin Andersen took a perfect shotgun snap from Jake Zeyher and raced down the right sideline, sprung loose by great blocks by Jack DiRocco, Erik Lebek and Kyle Hyzy, for a 40-yard touchdown to make the score 7-6.

Terrific defense by the Warriors, which included huge tackles by Jack Savarese and Dominick Polito, limited the Rams to just one first down the remainder of the half and left the score 7-6 at halftime.

Wilton’s offensive linemen, Zach Bargon, Patrick Burke, Lebek, Jack Lenz, Noah Levi, Savarese, Jack DiRocco, Eric Tuin, Dean Griffin, Camilo Galeano, Travis Stella and Oliver Shulman, who were stellar the entire game, really took over in the second half, opening holes for running backs Austin Andersen and Kyle Hyzy, who combined for 42 carries and 219 rushing yards on the day. Having established a traditional run game and driving to the Rams 22 early in the second half, the Warriors used misdirection and huge blocks from Lebek and Hyzy to spring R2 DiRocco loose for a touchdown run on a beautifully executed reverse. Still reeling from the touchdown, the Rams were unprepared for Wilton’s first pass of the day, a perfect strike from Jake Zeyher to Ben Leung for the two-point conversion.

Despite not being able to move the ball consistently against Wilton’s stout defense, including Oscar Telefaro, Anthony Andre, Sean Soltis, Sean Millar and Connor Burke, New Canaan again broke a big play — a 70-yard touchdown run on the next play to even the score at 14-14.

Wilton demonstrated its depth and multi-dimensional attack, quickly retaking control of the game. Hyzy broke off a 29-yard run to the New Canaan 26 and five plays later, after an apparent touchdown run by Leung was marked at the six-inch line, Zeyher’s QB sneak and Andersen’s extra point run put the Warriors up for good, 21-14.

New Canaan took to the air on their next possession, but even when they were able to complete a pass over the fierce defensive rush of Ciaran Smith, Cole Snyder, Brady Kuczo, Savarese, Levi and Bargon, Wilton’s linebacking corps was there to make the tackle forcing another New Canaan punt.

R2 DiRocco had two nice runs before Zeyher aired it out again, hitting Hyzy on a 49-yard catch and run play to put the game away, 27-14.

The total team effort is evident in the box score. Five different players scored for Wilton, seven players gained rushing yards and the team controlled the ball for more than 70 percent of the game. Heroes and highlights that don’t show up on the stat sheet were everywhere, from Jack DiRocco’s pancake block of a New Canaan linebacker to Zach Bargon and Dominick Polito opening huge holes for their teammates to Erik Lebek dominating at end.

Sixth grade

Wilton White 7, New Canaan Black 0

Warrior pride was again on display Saturday night when Wilton White beat rivals New Canaan Black on a rain-soaked and windy New Canaan field. The win raised the Warriors record to 2-0, and marked the second game in a row that the defense held its opponent to only a single first down the entire game.

The defensive effort started with the ferocious play of the line, anchored by Michael DiCostanzo, Johnny Wu, Joey Bohacs, Matt King, Tyler Daher, Jacob Robb, Ethan Masek and Aaron Kleeman. They continually pushed the New Canaan offensive line into the backfield, allowing the defensive ends and linebackers Michael Angerame, Andrew Calabrese, Drew Herlyn and Dean DiNanno to gang-tackle their opponents.

The offense moved the ball well despite the poor weather, with a great series of punishing runs by Connor Drake, Zack Pozzi, Thomas Costello, DiNanno and Travis Longo, and quarterback keeps by Patrick Ciquera. DiCostanzo, Masek, King, Robb, Bohacs and DiNanno had noteworthy games blocking on the line and lead-blocking downfield.

But it was Johnny Wu who would give the Warriors the only touchdown of the game, and as it turned out, the only touchdown they would need. With New Canaan on its own two-yard line, the defensive line pushed into the end zone, causing a fumble. Wu was quick to jump on the ball, notching the second touchdown of his career. An extra point run by Connor Drake made the score 7-0, where the score stayed until the clock expired.

Seventh grade

Wilton Blue 7, Fairfield 6

Wilton Blue was put to the test in its second game of the season, facing off against last year’s FCFL champions, Fairfield.

The first quarter was a scoreless dual between the two fierce defenses, with neither team allowing a first down. Drew Peterson had a key fumble recovery that helped stop the momentum Fairfield was mounting after a long punt return put them at the Wilton 30-yard line. The second quarter got off to a good start as Toby Clark darted his way to Wilton’s first first down of the half. Unfortunately, Fairfield’s defense was up for the challenge and stopped Wilton and the Warriors were forced to punt with four minutes remaining in the half. Fairfield drove the ball down the field and had the ball first and 10 on the Wilton 15-yard line. Once again, the Wilton defense shut down Fairfield’s running attack and, with time running out, they were forced to throw the ball to keep their drive alive. The defensive line put pressure on the QB and Harvey Alexander came up with a big interception, preserving a scoreless game at halftime.

The second half continued to be a defensive battle until midway through the third quarter, when Chris Colbert made a terrific interception and ran the ball back 30 yards for a touchdown, securing a 6-0 lead for the Warriors. Harvey Alexander added the extra point and Wilton was up 7-0.

The score remained 7-0 into the fourth quarter. Fairfield mounted a significant drive, once again penetrating deep into Wilton territory. Harvey Alexander made a great play tackling and stripping the ball from Fairfield’s running back, recovering the fumble and turning the ball back to the Wilton offense. Wilton started to build some momentum driving the ball down the field and running out the clock to try to seal the victory. On a huge third and five play, Brian Calabrese hit Joe Murtha on a screen pass and Murtha was off to the races. Unfortunately, after a great 20-yard run, the Fairfield defense stripped the ball and recovered the fumble on their 40-yard line.

After several key stops, Fairfield finally broke a big play and scored on a 35-yard running play with seconds left on the clock. Fairfiled elected to go for the two-point conversion to nail down the win. As was the case for most of the game, the defense held and Wilton walked away with a huge 7-6 victory over last year’s champs.

Wilton White 21, Westport North 0

It was the worst of halves, it was the best of halves. In a game fit for Dickens, the Wilton White gridders turned a disappointing first half into a dominating victory. posting three scores in the second half against a very determined and strong Westport team.

The first half was full of early season sloppiness as penalties and overall sluggishness plagued the Warriors, who entered the locker room tied 0-0 after two quarters.

Starting with the ball in the third quarter, Wilton began clicking on all cylinders and didn’t look back. The offensive line of Eric Chubinsky, Will Hastings, Evan Helman, Will Pond, Mike Wehrli and Johnny Amato imparted their will on the Wreckers from the very first seconds of the third quarter. Mixing in off-tackle runs by Robbie Hermann and Zach Zeyher with up the gut dashes by Will Litton and Ryan McDermott, Wilton drove to the Westport 22. Taking a pitch left, Litton followed crushing blocks by James Ciquera, Hermann, and Wehrli and then turned on the jets for a beautiful touchdown.

Getting the ball back quickly as a result of defensive domination, Wilton went back to work. A swing pass from QB Quinn Schneider to Zeyher moved the chains. Runs by Chris Sweeney, Brennan Troy and Zeyher got Wilton to the 19. Hermann then took a hand-off and juked around right end for a sweet TD. The blocks by Matt Morello, Kevin Lenihan, Justin Quinn, Ciquera, Evan Helman and Cameron Morris sprung the backs free the entire drive.

The defense continued its second half shut down as Hastings, Amato, Dominic Romeo, Sweeney, Wehrli and Nick Sylvia lived in the Westport backfield. Linebackers Litton, Kyle Shifrin, Hermann and McDermott had punishing tackles, and safeties Ethan Reichgut, Zeyher and Schneider blanketed the receivers.

With the fourth quarter underway, the Warriors pitched to Brendan Skewis for tough yards and then swung the ball to Shifrin, who galloped into the endzone on a pretty 46-yard jaunt. Hermann added his third extra point of the day and the Warriors had a commanding 21-0 lead. Reichgut added an athletic interception to snuff out any chance for the Wreckers and then runs by Skewis, Morris, and Sylvia ate up precious yards and wound the clock to zero. Wilton White found out who they are as a team in the second half and, to paraphrase another Dickens novel they now say, “please, sir, can we have some more?”