WBA recap: 8th grade boys win pair

Games recently played by Wilton Basketball Association travel basketball teams.


7th Grade

Westport 42, Wilton 33

The Wilton seventh grade girls team, sponsored by Wilton Deli, had a full weekend of basketball. They started out strong on Friday night against a very capable Westport team with scoring by Claire Gulbin, Lauren Robertson, Lizzie Lynch and Caroline Sweeney. The second quarter brought on several fastbreaks by the Westport squad that ended the half with a 14-point Westport lead. In the third quarter, Anna Cocoros, Emily Tuin, Caroline Sweeny, Gulbin and Robertson managed to close the gap with solid shooting while Alexa Hirn, Emme McClintock and Molly Ward provided aggressive defense.  Sweeney led the scoring in the final quarter bringing in six points with McClintock, Tuin and Cocoros also crashing the boards. In spite of a concerted effort, the Wilton team could not overcome their adept opponent, and the game ended with a final score of 42-33.

Wilton 43, Newtown 27

Wilton faced the Newtown Gold team on Saturday morning. Wilton came out strong with Lizzie Lynch and Lauren Robertson making some easy buckets and smooth free throw shots to take a firm lead in the game. Sweeny and Cocoros had several successful fast break opportunities. Sweeney, Hirn and Robertson set up scoring by Lynch, Gulbin and Cocoros ending the half with a 27-11 lead against the Newtown squad. Cocoros led the scoring in the game with 12 points, followed by Sweeny (eight) and Robertson (seven). Strong passes by Tuin and aggressive play by Hirn, McClintock and Ward contributed to the 43-27 win over Newtown.

Trumbull 49, Wilton 42

The Wilton squad delivered a commendable effort in Sunday’s game against Trumbull. The game was fast paced from the start with Claire Gulbin and Emily Tuin hitting the boards hard in the first half    Caroline Sweeny, Anna Cocoros and Lizzie Lynch helped to drive the ball into the hoop while Lauren Robertson and Emme McClintock pulled down some nice rebounds. Wilton dominated the third quarter taking on a five point lead with adept passing by Alexa Hirn and aggressive play by Molly Ward, Lynch and Sweeney. In spite of Gulbin’s clutch three-point shot at the buzzer, the Wilton squad could not squelch the Trumbull team. Tuin led the scoring with 11 points followed by Gulbin (eight) and Lynch (eight).


8th Grade

Wilton 45, New Canaan 43

It was a great weekend of basketball for the eighth grade Wilton boys, sponsored by Rings End. First, Wilton came back to defeat New Canaan, 45-43, on Saturday. Joe Pozzi was in his element, scoring 14 points while feeding four other Wilton baskets. Wilton did a great job controlling the boards, with Andrew Beecher, Jack Dooley, Owen Evershed and Charlie Hess each hauling in a multitude of rebounds that allowed Wilton to remain in the game. Sean Westerholm and Will McArdle helped keep New Canaan’s offense at bay with smart defense; Westerholm even managed to steal the ball three times from his stingy opponent which set-up some Wilton hoops. Chris Hyzy’s vision on the court contributed to a handful of assists in addition to his seven points.

Wilton 51, Norwalk 48

On Sunday, Wilton continued to play well as a unit. After trailing 15-12 in the first, Sean Westerholm and Joe Pozzi’s playmaking abilities went to work. Westerholm led the team with rebounds while also scoring 12 points. Pozzi had three steals, three assists and 11 points. Chris Hyzy dished out five assists while scoring seven himself. Jack Dooley’s all around performance was stellar: nine points, five rebounds, two steals and three assists. Hess, Beecher and McArdle were selfless, each playing good defense and offense to defeat Norwalk 51-48.

6th Grade

Darien 38, Wilton 36

The Wilton sixth grade boys travel basketball team, sponsored by Westy Self Storage, played with determination but suffered a hard-fought loss to the Darien YMCA.

Wilton got off to a great start, with Nick Kronenberg, (nine points, four rebounds) Tyler Previte (seven points, seven rebounds) and Brendan Connor (six points, four rebounds) who repeatedly converted turnovers and rebounds into baskets.

Darien YMCA’s full court press momentarily rattled the Wilton boys, but once they recovered, it led to scoring opportunities for Zach Pozzi (five points, four rebounds) and Zayvion Eusebe (two points, four rebounds).

Reilly Bingaman (five rebounds) was all over the court and wouldn’t let Darien YMCA pull ahead without a battle, but it was the excellent ball movement led by Kyle Phillips (two assists, one rebounds) and strong interior defense played by Connor Drake (one rebound) that kept the game close for most of the second period.

Wilton finished the game playing intense defense and with a three point shot by Patrick Ciquera (seven points, three rebounds) with seconds on the clock, the Wilton fans thought the game was over, however it just wasn’t enough to seal the win for the Warriors as Darien YMCA hit a game winning shot as time expired.

5th Grade

Wilton 48, Danbury 28

The Wilton fifth grade boys team, sponsored by Ackerly & Ward, beat Danbury. The Warriors were led by Parker Ward (eight points), Zach Bargon (eight points, five rebounds) and Reilly Sullivan (eight points, four rebounds).

They were set up to score by Kyle Hyzy (three points, six assists, three steals) and Louis Cropper (two assists). Drew Phillips added six points to go with three rebounds, three steals and three assists. Jack Savarese (six points, six rebounds) and Noah Levi (two points, six rebounds) dominated the boards while Patrick Cummins (three points, two steals, two rebounds) and Tucker Walden (four points, three steals, two assists) played tenacious defense. The boys record stands at 11-2 overall and 5-2 in the league.

4th Grade

Wilton beats Madison

It was another busy weekend for the Future Warriors fourth grade basketball team. On Saturday morning, the Future Warriors hosted the undefeated Madison team. This was Wilton’s second meeting with Madison, and it got off to a rocky start as Wilton was down 24-8 at halftime. With some great coaching and team spirit, Wilton started to turn the game around. Strong defense was played by John McMahon. Great offensive and defensive plays by Josh White, Mack Kepner and Alex Corcoros turned the game into a thrilling 27-27 tie at the end of the third quarter. An outstanding jump shot by Mack Kepner with eight seconds to play gave Wilton the victory.

Wilton 39, Weston 16 

The Future Warriors were clearly warmed up and came out strong, getting outstanding performances from Michael Coffey, Jimmy McKiernan, Matt Gulbin and Sean Sullivan. Ben Wiener could not be stopped and was Wilton’s leading scorer.

Wilton falls to Darien

Wilton finished its day with a final game against the Darien fifth grade team. Although Davis Cote and Matt Murphy made their presence known with great defensive plays, the Future Warriors fell short.

Milford 17, Wilton 14

On Sunday morning, Wilton engaged in a fast-paced game against Milford. Simon Alexander was tenacious with his defensive skills. Alex Cocoros played well with an impressive three-pointer to keep the game close, but Milford squeezed by with a 17-14 victory.