NYC Marathon: Three friends finish together

Three women from Wilton went to the New York City Marathon together and finished within a minute of each other.

Lynn DiNanno, Katie Denious and Kacky Theoharides were supposed to run last year, but Superstorm Sandy forced the marathon to be canceled. They got their chance this year and were among the eight Wiltonians who finished the race.

The other runners and their times were Mike Amato, 3:32:16; Mark Begor, 3:45:25; Anne Gaston, 4:37:28; Brittany Hoag, 4:45:05; and Ann Pettrone, 4:59:17.

Ms. DiNanno and Ms. Denious finished just a step apart; Ms. DiNanno in 3:47:21 and Ms. Denious in 3:47:23. Ms. Theoharides was right behind in 3:48:35.

They are members of a 13-member running group called LYLAS Sol Sisters, and they run together quite a bit, Ms. DiNanno said. “We didn’t train as much together [this time] but we are always together in spirit. We are always a positive push for each other.”

She acknowledged their “coach,” Mary Zengo, also of Wilton. “She motivated us and gave us the push, as well as our Sol Sisters who often ran with us to get our training in.”

Ms. Denious said this was her fifth marathon with Ms. Theoharides, and Ms. DiNanno joined them for their last two. They all have children the same age.

“Kacky and I found each other through running,” Ms. Denious said. “It’s a good way to get together, instead of going for coffee.” They usually meet in Wilton Center, she said, and run through Allen’s Meadow, Merwin Meadows and the Ridgefield half-marathon loop.

Ms. Theoharides’ daughter Lyla, the namesake of the Sol Sisters, was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma last March, Ms. Denious said, adding that this year the women ran “with Lyla in our hearts. We wore our shirts that said Lyla Strong and did it on her behalf.”

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to partake in such an amazing event with my amazing friends,” Ms. DiNanno said. “To sum it up, it felt like I went around the world in a day! Running through the different neighborhoods, each with its own history and culture. Everything from the music to the people in the streets changed as we made our way from Brooklyn to Central Park. Everything was on our side that day — the weather, the crowds, the energy, and most important, everyone’s safety.”

Speaking of her friends, she added, “Crossing the finish line with the two of them by my side made it all the more special.”