Koleszar rides to promote youth cycling programs

Wilton High School junior Nick Koleszar will ride in the Breakaway Benefit this Saturday at Powder Ridge Mountain and Resort in Middletown, to raise money to support youth and school cycling programs through the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP).

Koleszar joined a local cycling team last summer, the Westport-based Sherpa Junior Team, a local branch of the CCAP, and since then has learned the technical aspects of racing and training. This year, he became a member of the CCAP Junior Travel Team.

The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program's mission is to ensure that Connecticut's youth and their families have access and exposure to an organized state-wide youth cycling league.

“Together we are making an incredible impact on the lives of thousands of young people through the sport of cycling,” Koleszar writes on his CCAP donor page.

Koleszar’s goal is to raise $250. To made a donation, go to his CCAP donor page here.