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Wilton Continuing Education is kicking off fall classes with something outside the box.

Bikram hot yoga, golf, running, tennis class and the like will still be offered but the highlights of the fall are introduction to kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding classes.

Kayaking has long been a popular outdoor sport but paddle boarding, a water fitness sport, has only recently burst onto the scene. You may have witnessed the new sport on your last visit to the beach — people standing on surfboards paddling around the Long Island Sound.

Stand-up paddle boarding involves a long and very wide surfboard, along with a single bladed paddle that is used like a canoe oar to propel the board. Stand-up paddle boarding is the sport of the summer and Wilton Continuing Education wants to help folks catch the wave.

Coordinator of continuing education, Dolores Tufariello, is taking stand-up paddle boarding’s recent popularity as a teaching opportunity.

“It’s very popular right now,” said Tufariello. “We are touching on the trend to get people to do something new. Sometimes people just need a little instruction to get going.”

Tufariello hopes that an introduction to the sport will lead to continued learning.

“It is great because it appeals to all age groups,” Tufariello stated. “It’s an opportunity for lifelong learning. You can do it for just one day, or make it a passion.”

Tufariello and Wilton Continuing Education’s main focus is on providing a solid foundation, helping people learn the basics so they are prepared for anything when they eventually go out on their own.

“We want to introduce you to the sport, pass along safety info a background in the things you should know before you get out on the water.”

Tufariello stresses the importance of learning the basics.

“Once you get the information and instruction, it’s a fun, healthy and unique sport to partake in. Get out there and have a great time,” she said.

Classes for stand-up paddle boarding will be offered in two sessions, Tuesday and Thursday, Sept. 4 and 6, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The first two sessions listed above are already full, but Wilton Continuing Education is planning a third session, which will probably occur during the week of Sept. 10.

The class begins with 30 minutes of on-land training and instruction before hitting the pond for an hour and a half of instruction. Wilton Continuing Education will provide all equipment. There is a small $50 equipment rental fee, which includes paddleboard, paddle and life jacket. The class fee is $60 for residents and $70 for non-residents.

The kayaking classes will be held in the same location, with matching equipment fees and class fees.

The two kayaking classes will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 11, and Thursday, Sept. 13, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., and there are still a few spots open.

Students will be taught the essentials, suitable launch sites, paddling locations, and how to get in and out of a kayak. After a half and hour on land, they will spend an hour and a half on the water learning an array of strokes, maneuvers and rescues.

Both classes will take place at the pond adjacent to Rings End Lumber on Route 7.

Wilton Continuing Education is teaming up with Sea Kayak Connecticut and longtime partner Outdoor Sports to provide some of the best instruction and equipment in the business.

If interested in signing up for either of these classes or any of the numerous classes Wilton Continuing Education has to offer, visit its website and look for the Sports, Fitness & Recreation tab.