Beck shoots first hole-in-one — at age 11

As he walked to the seventh tee at Rolling Hills Country Club last Sunday, 11-year-old Cameron Beck asked his father, Stephen, how long it had taken him to get his first hole-in-one.

“Thirty-seven years and counting,” replied his dad, who started playing golf at age five.

Like his father, Cameron also began playing when he was five years old. But his first hole-in-one is already off the bucket list.

It came on the par three, 122-yard sixth hole at Rolling Hills on Sunday, as Cameron’s three-wood shot took a fortuitous bounce and broke 65 degrees to the left, straight toward the pin, which was placed in the back-left corner of the green.

“We saw the ball rolling toward the hole and there was a lot of screaming, mostly from me,” said Stephen Beck, a Wilton resident and member at Rolling Hills. “I thought to myself, ‘that’s going to go in.’ “

It did.

“I started to scream and run around in circles,” said Cameron, who was also playing with family friends and fellow Wiltonians Brian Lynch and Michael Lynch. “It was a great feeling.”

Although there are no official records, Cameron could be the youngest person to get a hole-in-one at Rolling Hills. “No one there knew of anyone younger,” said Stephen Beck. “They thought 13 or 14 might have been the youngest.”

Ironically, Cameron said he had been struggling prior to his ace.

“I wasn’t having the best round,” said Cameron, an avid golfer whose best score is 56 for nine holes. “I had a 15 on the first hole.”

When he checked his scorecard after the hole-in-one, Cameron noticed that it had come on his 42nd shot of the day. That number carried significance for the family: Stephen Beck’s management consulting company is named cg42.

Cg refers to Cameron and his sister, Grace, while 42 is featured prominently in Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a personal favorite of Stephen Beck’s.

“We are always talking about that number, so it was kind of funny when Cameron totaled his shots,” said Stephen. “It just added to the day.”

Not only did Cameron have a great story to tell on the first day of school Monday, but he also managed to avoid the financial hit that often comes with the hole-in-one tradition of buying a round of drinks for other golfers.

“I’m only 11, so I couldn’t do that,” he said. “Also, I would have been broke.”