Wreaths bring holiday cheer

Bryan Haeffele photos
About 25 Wilton Garden Club members and guests kicked off the holiday season by designing centerpieces and wreaths at Old Town Hall during the club’s annual Holiday Workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

“We made 36 holiday centerpieces and eight wreaths,” said Garden Club President Suzanne Knutson.

Twenty-six of the centerpieces were donated to Wilton Social Services to distribute to families in need, as well as elderly and housebound individuals.

The remaining 10 were donated to Ambler Farm and will be sold at its Holiday Greens Sale beginning this weekend.

The wreaths were donated to decorate buildings in town, including Wilton Library, the post office, Wilton Historical Society, Wilton Town Hall, Old Town Hall and the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse.

Knutson said the Holiday Workshop is a “longstanding tradition” of the Wilton Garden Club that’s gotten “larger and more organized” over the years.

“We’ve steadily donated more and more centerpieces to Social Services and increased the number of donated wreaths each year.”

Although it can be “exhausting,” said Knutson, “we love to see the town decorated and looking festive during the holiday season — and we love to bring a little holiday cheer into the lives of folks who need it the most.”