Wiltonian raises hundreds for hurricane victims

With a box she made three days prior, 19-year-old Wilton resident Cayla Clarke walked through the stands at Wilton High School’s football game Friday night and managed to collect more than $470 to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Clarke said she made the collection box because she wanted to help those affected by the storm.

“I heard about it on the news and I felt sorry for those people,” said Clarke, whose goal was to collect as much money as she could and donate it to Ts

“I heard about all the great things The Salvation Army’s been doing and I want to help,” said Clarke.

According to The Salvation Army website, money donated to the fund helps The Salvation Army “stay on the front lines of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts,” where its volunteers provide “physical, emotional and spiritual care to survivors and relief workers.”

Even after disaster response efforts are over, the website states, Salvation Army disaster teams will remain in communities impacted by the storm to support long-term disaster recovery efforts and ongoing assistance to those in need.

Clarke sent the money to The Salvation Army on Saturday, Sept. 9, and said she thanks everyone who donated.