Wilton photographer shows in Brooklyn

Images by Wilton photographer Tom Carroll will be on display through Aug. 31 at Superfine, 126 Front Street, Brooklyn. An artist’s reception will be held Saturday, Aug. 4, from 5:30 to 7:30.

The exhibition is called Kinetic Visions, reflecting Carroll’s explorations of the boundaries of light in cinematic space and time. He explained further by saying he started out in cinema, earning a bachelor’s degree in the field from Binghamton (N.Y.) University.

“I learned about the moving image, and when I decided I was not going to become a great movie director I started concentrating on photography,” he told The Bulletin. “I found a way to create a montage — multiple exposures — which I started doing in 35mm, shooting twice or three times and looking for something special to happen.”

Simply put, he attempts to find things in the world that are like a painter’s palette. “The picture by itself might be OK, but can I find something else and create something totally unique? When it’s successful it surprises even me,” Carroll said. He is particularly inspired by the work of Marcel Duchamp, the French-American artist who worked from the early to mid-20th Century and is known for cubism and conceptual art.

“This is something I enjoy doing and enjoy sharing. [Hearing people say] ‘What is it? How did he do that?’

“It comes to life when the viewer sees it and looks at it again and again and finds things to see,” Carroll said.

He shoots a variety of subjects with his 35mm Nikon SLR and Nikon D7100 digital SLR and his selfies are not the kind one might find on most people’s Instagram accounts. In a statement, he said, they “stand out as existential experiments in self-expression. Often surreal and multi-dimensional, they transform the ordinary selfie into a visionary art form.”

Beyond his photography, Carroll has pursued a career in business. In 1990, he founded and is principal owner of CS Unitec, Inc., an industrial tool company known for its power tools and non-sparking hand tools. The company is based in Norwalk and Deer Park, Texas.

Carroll’s photos may be viewed on Instagram at thomascarrollphoto, and thomas-carroll.artistwebsites.com.