Wilton author releases third horror e-book

Wilton resident and Darien Times Editor Susan Shultz has released the third in her Tales from the Graveyard horror e-novella series, Dirt.
The story revolves around Lila, a small-town news reporter with lofty ambitions. She’s covering the story of Ainsley, the infamous local “man-eating” serial killer.
When Lila finds Ainsley’s old journal at the investigation site, she digs under the story’s surface and uncovers Ainsley’s darkest secrets. Lila becomes obsessed with telling the “real” story of the mysterious murderess on the hill — a woman with a tragic, hidden past.
Lila’s boyfriend and her editor try and stop her from getting too deeply involved, but it may be too late.
Will she be able to resurface once the story breaks? Or will she become another victim of Ainsely’s seductive side?
And can she resist the even more compelling shadow of the Blacksmith growing evermore in the distance?
Dirt follows Shultz’s first two stories in the series: The Blacksmith and Jessie.
Information: fullfathomfive.com/writers/susan-shultz/dirt/