Wilton author releases second in horror series

Wilton author Susan Shultz, editor of The Bulletin’s sister paper The Darien Times, will release Jessie, the second book in her horror series, Tales from the Graveyard.
Jessie was released as an e-book through publisher Full Fathom Five on Wednesday, April 15.
The story revolves around Jessie, always an afterthought; forgotten.
At the hands of her cruel mother-in-law and spineless husband, Jessie’s spirit has been slowly broken. She is their household slave, considered a waste of time and resources, a useless parasite.
That is, until the mysterious Blacksmith comes along, who imbues Jessie with his silence and strength.
She has been abused beyond repair. But thanks to the Blacksmith, her dark heart is finally full. And for those who have crossed her, nightmares are about to come alive.
In this sequel to The Blacksmith, readers are treated to a new, creepy story from Susan Shultz’s artfully dark universe.
Shultz lives in Wilton with her husband Jamie and two daughters, Lucy and Annabelle.
Information: fullfathomfive.com/writers/susan-shultz/jessie/