Wilton Rocks event sells out quickly

Tickets for this year’s Wilton Rocks For Food event sold out in a matter or hours, but sponsor tickets are still available.

“We’ve already raised close to $60,000 with a goal of $100,000,” Andy Schlesinger, the musician who organizes the annual event, said in an email.

He said he hopes local businesses will sponsor the event, which has attracted more and more supporters each year.

Wilton Rocks for Food is an annual concert fund-raiser to support the Wilton food pantry and the Connecticut Food Bank. In its first three years it raised more than  $155,000 for these organizations. All money raised goes to charity.

This year’s event is Dec. 1 at the Trackside Teen Center. It will feature professional and amateur musicians and singers from Wilton performing on stage.

Information: WiltonRocks.com.