Wi-ACT benefit concert

Wi-ACT’s Annual Benefit Concert in support of its Stop Hunger Now meal-packaging event will be held Saturday, June 17, at 5 p.m. at the WEPCO Church Complex, 36 New Canaan Road. Tickets — $15 adults/$10 children — are available only at the door.

The performers will be students from Wilton schools led by Middlebrook instructional leader Janet Nobles and under the student leadership of eighth grader Elizabeth Williams.

All of the proceeds will support the program where 167,000 meals are put together at a cost of 29 cents for each meal, a total of $48,430. This past year — the sixth year of doing these community-wide events — Wi-ACT passed the 750,000-meals point. Meals are served to the poorest children everywhere from Haiti to sub-Saharan Africa in educational programs where they are nourished in mind as well as in body. Wi-ACT’s meals feed more than 450 of children for  an entire year.

This year’s meal-packaging event will be on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Wi-ACT is a consortium of the congregants of 10 Wilton faith institutions — Christian, Jewish and Muslim — and is led by a 40-person steering committee.