Tasting Taste of Wilton

Hayden Turek photos
The Bulletin attended Taste of Wilton at the Wilton Historical Society April 4, to talk to exhibitors and foodies both.
“Even though it snowed this morning and it’s raining, we have more exhibitors this year than ever,” Chamber Executive Director Debra Hanson said on Monday.
“It’s the best our area has to offer, and we have a great crowd,” she said.
Village Market was there with mini Philly cheesesteaks, mac and cheese bites, antipasto kabobs, mini mousse cups, and almond shortbread cookies.
Bianco Rosso Wine Bar & Restaurant brought three-cheese tortellini with bolognese sauce and Brussels sprout salad with risotto cake.
Schoolhouse at Cannondale was a first-time exhibitor. It served duck confit on steamed rice buns with tamarind sauce, pickled mustard seeds, and a “little bit” of chive, and as a complement, deviled eggs with kimchi and paprika.
Plenty of food vendors made the trip, but there were also several wine and liquor distributors on the scene, like Greenhook Ginsmiths, which came with its American dry gin, an Old Tom Gin, and the first commercial beach plum gin liqueur.
Georgetown Package Store had a Sauvignon blanc and a rosé, both from the Loire Valley, as well as a rosé made with Cabernet Franc.
Ancona’s Wine & Liquors shared a canned Oregon rosé, but didn’t tell tasters it was canned until after they’d tried it. “If we put the can out there, they’d probably pooh-pooh it before they even gave it a chance,” the exhibitor said.
People there to sample the different offerings seemed to be enjoying themselves.
“It’s fun to be able to taste a little bit of each restaurant, and I think it’s a great event, despite the weather,” one said.
“This is the third time we’ve been here, and already, I think this is the best one,” said another.
One man was there because he won a call-in contest held by FM radio station 95.9 THE FOX, which teamed up with the Chamber for event promotion and ticket giveaways.
“I was actually a contest winner for this event, so this was a great find. It’s like a little hidden gem. I’ll definitely be coming back,” he said.
Several of the exhibitors were pleased with the event as well.
The exhibitor for Marly’s Bar & Bistro said, “The restaurant’s done this for eight years now. We keep coming back to support the town.”
“I love it,” said chef Jeff of Jeff’s BBQ & Catering. “The people are very friendly, it’s unbelievable. The food is amazing, everybody’s just so nice, it’s great to be here. I’m definitely coming back.”
Little Pub’s exhibitor said, “This is our third year here. We like to support the town, get in front of everybody that we can, and show them that we’re still here and always changing our menu.”