The Middlebrook School student government kicked off the annual PFC Nicholas Madaras Supply Drive on Oct. 28. The final day of the drive coincided with the school’s Veterans Day celebration.

Under the direction of the student president, Cameron Berg, students took on various roles including poster making, video editing for the school newscasts, and updating the school website.

The school collected 36 boxes of supplies including pantry items for two homes: cooking oils, brownie mixes, taco kits, soaps, detergents, and coffee creamers.

In addition to the collection, students on the 6 Yellow and 7 Yellow teams spent a class period writing letters to the veterans of the Nicholas Madaras Homes for the Brave and Forgotten Heroes. Many of the letters were accompanied with colorful images representing happiness and patriotism.

The drive concluded on Wednesday, Nov. 13, when Nick’s parents, Bill and Shalini Madaras, arrived at the school to see the supplies loaded into the back of a van. Ms. Madaras was presented with two envelopes containing letters.