Spirit of season flourishes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — or so the Stay at Home group believes.

While the weather outside might not be “frightful,” the spirit of the season is alive — at Orem’s Diner, for instance.

Owner Vasilios “Bill” Papanikolaou surprised the men of Stay at Home in Wilton with gifts at their recent December Breakfast gathering. Bill, donning a red Santa hat, gave each of the men including Trygve Hansen, one of Wilton’s very own gazebo Santa Clauses, an iconic Orem’s Diner T-shirt.

“The men’s breakfasts have become high points in my life. Interesting interchange between good friends, new friends, stimulating conversation and good food expertly served,” Jack Daniels said. “The gift of T-Shirts was just extra frosting on a cake already laden with goodies.”

Since Stay at Home in Wilton started five years ago, the men have met at Orem’s Diner for breakfast the first Tuesday of every month. Bob Kelso said, “I enjoy the breakfasts because it brings together my favorite food and interesting conversation.”

Orem’s Diner is known to be a Wilton gathering place and a place where the spirit of giving is seemingly contagious, the men’s group reported. In October, the Stay at Home in Wilton men received a free breakfast when an anonymous patron generously paid their bill.

Stay at Home in Wilton members have extended their thanks to Orem’s Diner, the Papanikolaou family and that anonymous patron for honoring the spirit of the season.