Sesto will speak at land trust meeting

At its annual meeting on Thursday, Feb. 18, the Wilton Land Conservation Trust will welcome Pat Sesto to report on the progress of the Norwalk River Valley Trail. The meeting will begin at 7:30 in Wilton Library’s Rimer Room.
Now in its 53rd year, the land trust manages more than 800 acres in more than 100 protected properties. The annual meeting will begin with a business session including discussion of progress in 2015 and potential new property additions this year.
Sesto is chairman of the steering committee of the Norwalk River Valley Trail, initiated six years ago. She also serves as director of the Greenwich Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Agency. For 23 years she headed the Wilton Department of Environmental Affairs before departing for Greenwich last year.
In her capacity in Wilton, Sesto was instrumental in partnering with the land trust in developing and financing conservation easements that are held jointly. The most recent addition to the property list is the 39-acre Keiser Preserve on Seeley and Cannon roads. Next Thursday she will discuss the progress of the Norwalk River Valley Trail. Current work includes professional and volunteer trail development on the southern shore of Horseshoe Pond that will connect the trail from its initial stage on Gaylord Drive to Schenck’s Island Park and then north to Merwin Meadows Park. To date, 1.5 miles of the Wilton Loop trail has been completed. The ultimate goal is a 38-mile trail linking Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk to Rogers Park in Danbury. The planned Wilton Loop will intersect with a number of Land Trust preserves.