Schiff heads into deep waters with her second mystery

Wilton author Jennifer L. Schiff is back in hot water — or, more accurately — the warm waters of Sanibel Island with her new book, Something Fishy. This is the second volume in her Sanibel Island Mystery series, which premiered with A Shell of a Problem, published last fall.

Like its predecessor, Something Fishy is a cozy mystery set on the tranquil Florida island, tranquil until a crime is committed and the series’ protagonist Guinivere Jones gets involved.

In the first book Jones, a reporter for the local newspaper, got in the middle of an investigation into the theft of a valuable seashell that soon resulted in murder. She solved the murder and got the scoop on the story as well.

In Something Fishy, Jones is again caught up in mayhem, but this time the main suspect is her ex-husband. It’s been almost a year since Jones moved to Sanibel from Connecticut to start her new, single life. Then, her ex comes down for a fishing trip and sales conference and almost immediately his biggest rival disappears. All fingers point at him and Jones is drawn into trying to keep him out of jail and out of her bedroom.

Many of the characters from A Shell of a Problem make a return including Jones’ boyfriend, Harrison Hartwick, her best friend Shelly, and the cranky Det. William O’Loughlin.

“Something Fishy, like A Shell of a Problem, takes place on and around Sanibel Island, Florida, which is known for its shelling, birding, and fishing, especially tarpon (game) fishing, which is what sets the plot in motion,” Schiff said. Her books, she added, are intended as “the perfect summer/beach/weekend read — fun, fast-paced, that make you feel like you're at the beach.”

Schiff, who, with her husband, splits her time between Wilton and Sanibel, has had success with her first book, including it being a best-seller on the island. Both books are in several bookstores down there and also at Elm Street Books in New Canaan and Books on the Common in Ridgefield. Both are also available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon.