Robotics team gears up for its first challenge

At some point there will be remote-controlled robots — eyes blinking, arms moving — created

for a competition. But before that, Wilton Library’s newly formed robotics team, Singularity Technology, will face an e

ven more daunting challenge — the team has to raise funds to support its project.

The brand new Robotics Club is taking part in a national program called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). During the fall months, the club will build a robot and in the process learn about using social media, budgeting, fund raising, creating promotional materials for marketing, and of course, working as a team.

According to Adam Amin, a Wilton High School student and head of fund raising for the Singularity Technology or the Wilton Library Robotics Club, “[The club is] looking for help to build its own robot to enter the state competition for the very first time. Anyone can help by contributing tools or funds for buying supplies, and we are even offering the opportunity to put our sponsor’s name on the team T-shirt and/or the robot.”

“The initial cost of creating a robot from ground up is approximately $3,000,” said S

usan Lauricella, the head of Teen Services at the library who is mentoring the students. “Although the library has some ‘seed’ money for the project, the team members will be going out into the community to raise the funds required for the competition’s entry fees and materials. The financial support can be in the form of donations and discounts from companies where the kids will be purchasing supplies, to outright contributions from engineering-type businesses, or from anyone who sees the long-term value in supporting this endeavor.”

The robotics team got underway this spring when Ms. Lauricella, her husband Paul, an engineer, and a neighbor, Keith Andresen, a retired engineer, put their heads together to create a program for “tech heads” or “geeks.”