A program on how to raise and care for backyard chickens will be offered Thursday, March 1, 7:30 p.m., at Cannon Grange, 25 Cannon Road. It is co-hosted by the Ridgefield Discovery Center.

Bil Mikulewicz, a member of both organizations, will offer an interactive program in which he will describe the necessary equipment for raising a flock of chickens as egg layers, along with videos and photos on how he has set up his chicken coops and runs.

He will also have samples of equipment on display for nurturing day-old chicks into laying hens, plus detailed information on where to order and purchase different varieties of chicks, where to purchase equipment, how to build a coop and run, and how to protect the flock from predators.

The program is suitable for children and adults.

Admission is free and parking is available at the Cannondale railroad station.

Information: cannongrange.org or email info@cannongrange.org