The Wilton Quaker Meeting is one of the sponsors of the annual Darwin Day Dinner on Saturday evening, Feb. 16, beginning at 6, at the Italian Center in Stamford.

The evening will include a cocktail hour, dinner, entertaining science quiz with prizes, and a talk by Dr. Mark Siddall of the American Museum of Natural History. He will discuss Nocturnal Emissions: Bioluminescence as a Survival Strategy.

Examples include the sparks and brief glints of light which are seen in Long Island Sound and the ocean’s glow, as Christopher Columbus documented in 1492, just before his ships reached landfall in the Americas.

A self-proclaimed curator of “wormy-slimy stuff,” Siddall’s research focuses on the evolutionary biology of charismatic microfauna from microbes to leeches.

Darwin Day is an international celebration of science and humanity held around Charles Darwin’s Feb. 12 birthday.  The dinner cost is $69 per person, discounted to $64 if registration is received by Feb 6. The invitation and registration for the dinner may be found at