Program uses natural elements to reduce stress

Psychologist Ann Reeves, who maintains a practice on Old Ridgefield Road, will offer a day-long workshop at Sticks and Stones Farm in Newtown on Saturday, July 20. It is entitled “Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Using the Elements of Nature to Reconnect with the Natural World and to Transform Stress.”

“In our busy, often stressed lives, we often forget the healing benefits of nature that can be as close as our back yard, and we just don’t take the time to reconnect,” Ms. Reeves said. “Deepening our awareness of the healing gifts of the natural world will help us to reconnect with the elements in order to transform stress, feel more alive, and take away practical tools to use going forward.”

Participants will incorporate grounding exercises, drumming, breathing, movement, meditation, poetry, and alone time outside to explore the four elements in a deeply personal way.

Stress, she said, causes more than unpleasant emotions. “It can seriously affect our health and our relationships; even our parenting.

“Each one of us is unique and capable of high levels of positive energy. The elements of nature can teach us much about grounding, breathing, meditating, and living creatively, and this workshop will offer a time for needed relaxation and deep personal healing.”

Dr. Reeves is an Oasis-certified practitioner and is certified in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and hypnotherapy.

The farm is at 201 Huntingtown Road and the program will run from 8:45 to 5. The fee is $95 and includes lunch. Those planning to attend must RSVP to 203-270-8820.