P2P Clothing Center takes donations

A full week earlier than anticipated, the P2P Clothing Center in Darien on Tuesday, Jan. 17, started once again accepting donations of seasonally-appropriate clothing, footwear and outerwear as well as small household items.

According to P2P Director of Volunteers Janet King, numerous volunteers have worked over the past week to inventory, sort and display donations received through the end of 2016. “We had expected this process to take the better part of three weeks. However, P2P volunteers are so hard-working and efficient that they were able to complete this project in record time.”

King is not only thankful for the efforts of the volunteers, she also appreciates the understanding of all those who held their donations during this period. “People in the P2P communities are so very supportive of our work and were willing to accommodate this hiatus so we could organize the Clothing Center to better serve those who come to us for assistance.”

For additional information, call manager Aidan Wildes at 203-621-0685. With offices in Darien and Norwalk, the Person-to-Person service area also includes Wilton. More information may be found p2pHelps.org.