‘Lunches with Lynne’ this summer

Want to get to know the first selectman?
Starting this summer, residents will have that opportunity with “Lunches with Lynne,” First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice’s newly announced initiative to build relationships with her constituents.
“Basically, you can just drop by at lunchtime. I’ll set the hours and I’ll be in the conference room, and people can bring their lunches and talk,” Vanderslice told The Bulletin.
“You can come, have lunch, and bring up any questions or concerns, whatever you might want to ask,” Vanderslice said. “Sometimes I might have another town employee with me there to answer questions, too.”
Vanderslice proposed “selectmen listening lunches” during her 2015 campaign and at the League of Women Voters lunch on June 7 she announced she’d be rolling out “Lunches with Lynne” soon.
She said the new initiative would likely take place every other week, beginning this summer.
“I haven’t set the hours and I haven’t set what day of the week it’s going to be. We’ll make an announcement of the dates and times when it’s going to start; we’ll put it up on the town calendar, and if I were to bring in the Department of Public Works director or the police chief, we’d note that too,” Vanderslice said.
Vanderslice said there are residents who wish to meet with her now but can’t, and Lunches with Lynne will “make it a little more accessible to come in and talk.”
“Right now, when people want to come in and talk to me, they come in and see Jackie [Rochester, executive assistant], make an appointment, and have to work around my schedule,” Vanderslice said.
“My days are really full, so this will mean that there’s just a dedicated time when people know they can come in and get me for sure,” she said.