Library offers baby sign language program

Next month, children and caregivers will have the opportunities to learn sign language during the Wilton Library’s four-program Sign, Say, and Play workshop, led by certified baby sign instructor Elaine Langsam.

“The program teaches caregivers and children six months of age to toddlers signs for everyday activities so they can communicate before the child can speak fluently," said Andrea Szabo, head of the children’s library.

Sign, Say, and Play programs will take place Friday, Sept. 9, 16, 23 and 30, from 11 to 11:45, in the library’s craft room.

During the sessions, Langsam will use activities, songs and books to teach children and their caregivers signs for mealtime, bedtime, bathtime and getting dressed.

Wilton Library offered the program last year, and Szabo said it’s “a way for children and caregivers to foster language development at an early age.”

“It’s always amazing to see the youngest children be able to communicate with their parents or caregivers,” she said.

As of Thursday, Aug. 18, three children were registered for the program, said Szabo, but there is room for up to 15.

The program is free but registration is required. For more information or to register, visit or call 203-762-6336.