Kids cook with asparagus

In the 18th century, the words “dining” and “entertainment” were interchangeable. Individual dishes were referred to as entertainments. The visual appeal of asparagus spears “growing” out of a dinner roll might have been considered as amusing as it was delicious.
Every month, the Colonial Cookery and Customs for Kids workshop at the Wilton Historical Society teaches children in grades 4 to 8 a Colonial “reciept” (recipe) used in the Connecticut region. This month’s program is Saturday, May 14, from 11 to 12:30 at the historical society at 224 Danbury Road. Youngsters will make Asparagus Forced in French Rolls. While the food cooks, they will hear about Colonial manners, morals and way of life.
Tender asparagus, fresh from the garden, combined with fresh eggs, cream, nutmeg and French rolls would have been made by Colonial cooks into an easy and amusing spring offering, rather like a vegetable custard in a roll. The visual entertainment is that the asparagus stalks are presented poking through the browned crust of the roll, just as they would rise from their asparagus bed.
The cost is $15/members, $25/non-members. Space is limited, register by emailing or calling 203-762-7257.