Holiday crafts at the library

The Wilton Arts Council and Wilton Library have teamed up to present a Holiday Art Program at the library on Saturday, Dec. 5, from 2 to 3:30.

Redding artist Denise Susalka will help children ages 5 and up create seasonal crafts that honor their different holidays.

“Last year, I did [the program] just through the Wilton Arts Council and then I found out that Wilton Library had done it,” said Susalka, “so this year I went to Wilton Library and asked if we could join together and they were happy to do that.”

Susalka said she brought porcelain and wood items for the children to paint last year.

“I had things like pinecones and we had some triple stars — Stars of David,” she said. “I also had boxes that they could paint.”

This year, Susalka said, she is looking forward to “watching how the kids are so excited about what craft they’re going to do — often, they try to choose more than one,” she said.

“I love teaching. I’ve taught everything from marketing and finance and how to get a mortgage, to art and French,” said Susalka.

Susalka said the Wilton Arts Council will pay for the ornaments, paints, brushes and other supplies she will buy for the program.

Susalka said parents should bring their children to the Holiday Art Program because not only will they “have a good time,” but it could also be “the beginning of a tradition that they’ll remember.”

“My kids remember every ornament that we’ve made together,” she said. “This could be a way to perhaps start a family tradition, or at least something for the kids to remember that they did and had sheer joy doing.”

Susalka has been a professional artists for at least 10 years and opened her first studio in the Cannondale section of Wilton. She currently works at the NEST Arts Factory in Bridgeport.

“I do acrylics and oils,” she said. “Anything from landscape to very large format fruits and vegetables, as well as some abstract and things like rainbow eucalyptus.”

Registration for the Holiday Art Program is required.

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