Game tournament returns to Trackside

Following the success of the first Super Smash Bros. Tournament in May, the next video game tournament at Trackside has been announced for December. Since the new school year began, students have been gathering at the teen center after school to play popular games on Wii, Xbox and PlayStation. In a few short months, they have made Trackside the home away from home for middle school gamers.

In order to guide Wilton teens toward safe gaming habits and encourage more social interaction, the teen center formed a new gamer club for middle school students which is held on Fridays after school. The Super Smash Bros. Tournament will give teens a chance to compete and to celebrate the gaming community that has grown over the last few months at Trackside.

“The gamer club was established so that middle school gamers would have a fun, safe place to socialize while they play the games they would normally play on their own,” said Trackside Program Director Amy Nassef. “After seeing how popular the club became, there was no doubt we would hold another game tournament before the end of the year.”

The tournament will be held on Friday Dec. 11, from 6 to 9 p.m., and is open to all middle school students interested in competing. For rules, prizes, and registration information, visit or call 203-834-2888.