Flower baskets to return this summer

A group of volunteers dedicated to the beautification of Wilton who have joined with the Wilton Garden Club in a fund-raising campaign to purchase flower baskets for the lampposts in the town center this summer. Spearheading the campaign, called Making Wilton Beautiful, are resident Kelly Lash and Wilton Garden Club president, Suzanne Knutson.

“I love Wilton and want it to be as beautiful as possible,” Lash said. “I really missed the hanging baskets last year, so I figured I’d roll up my sleeves and do whatever was necessary to bring them back.”

Given the lead time required to grow the flowers from tiny plugs to flowering plants, Knutson and Lash ordered the baskets in early February — 110 in total — which will feature Geranium ‘Decora’ in shades of pink and raspberry. The baskets will be delivered a few days before the Memorial Day parade and will be hung by Wilton’s Parks and Recreation crew. Then they’ll water them regularly throughout the summer.

Lash and Knutson are reaching out to the public to help fund the purchase of the flowers, which cost about $4,000.

“If everybody gives a little, we can cover this expense,” Knutson said. “And we’d like to continue our fund-raising efforts to ensure that we always have flowering baskets in the future and for other town beautification projects.”

To make a donation by credit card, visit wiltongardenclub.org and click on the link:  “Making Wilton Beautiful!”  Donations may also be made by check payable to Wilton Garden Club and mailed to: Wilton Garden Club, P.O. Box 121, Wilton, CT 06897. All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged.