Driving for diapers

Babies go through a lot of diapers — about 240 a month, according Gifford Broderick, chairman of the Board of Mission and Services at Wilton Congregational Church. That’s why the church is having its annual diaper drive this month.
Last year the church collected about 1,500 diapers and 2,600 baby wipes, which it donated to Covenant to Care for Children, a Hartford-based nonprofit that has a branch in Norwalk.
Among its many services, the organization works to meet the needs of families who are at-risk of losing their children, or who are being reunited with their children and must have certain material goods before that can happen.
Anyone wishing to contribute to the drive may bring packages of diapers or baby wipes to the church office at 70 Ridgefield Road. For details, call the church at 203-762-5591.