Dancers present Cinderella

New England Academy of Dance and New England Dance Theater is bringing the story of “Cinderella” to the New Canaan High School Theater June 11 at 7 p.m. and June 12 at 4 p.m.

The leading role of Cinderella will be performed by Emily Stute. The step-sisters are played by Kate Nusslein and Grace Stearns. Colleen Brereton will play the fairy godmother. Severn Davie, a Wilton High School sophomore, Elizabeth Bochicchio, Sophie Graham and Celia Rogers are the lead season fairies.

The NEAD version of the Cinderella ballet will also include bluebirds and mice, as well as townspeople, fairies, midnight stars, and wedding guests, all danced by a cast of 130 New England Dance Theater students.  

Adapted and choreographed by NEDT artistic directors, Frances Ortiz, Ted Thomas and Ginna Ortiz, the ballet is based on the children’s story of a young woman who suffers hardships and injustice, but endures and is rewarded for her courage and kindness.

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