Dancer joins fireworks entertainment

A dancer whose job it will be to get the crowd up and moving at the annual Fourth of July fireworks show at Wilton High School will join a disc jockey spinning music.
There will be no live bands, as previously reported.
“Maybe with the dancer, it will be just as good,” said First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice during a meeting of the Board of Selectmen June 5 at town hall, where the selectmen approved nearly $700 to sign a contract with the disc jockey.
There will also be less expensive staging, since live bands are not performing. This lowers the cost of the event by about $12,000, from its usual $35,000 cost, according to Steve Pierce, director of Parks and Recreation.
Pierce made it clear, though, that the fireworks display itself will remain intact and not be cut back from previous years.
“The Fourth of July is a big event,” Pierce said earlier this spring. “We raise money to cover most of it, but for various reasons we’ve come under the target. We’ve always budgeted an amount in the town’s operating budget but they feel the need to take it out.”
Charging more to get into the show isn’t always the best option, because some people already reportedly grumble at town hall about the price of parking. It costs $35 per carload to get in, if the residents park close, and $20 per carload to get in if they park farther away.
“So we are looking at how we are going to do that, and either raise revenue or cut costs,” Pierce said.
The town has other ways to support local bands this summer. Performances are planned at Schenck’s Island and Merwin Meadows during July and August.