Colonial cooking workshop for kids

According to New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser, “Dictionary writers are not kind to flummery. The innocent pudding is referred to as “bland custard” and “a sort of pap.” … Those lexicographers have obviously never tasted raspberry flummery, which is more pop than pap. It is made by gently breaking down the fragile berries with heat and sugar, fortifying them with a little cornstarch and then drenching the pudding with cool, fresh cream at the table.”

On Saturday, July 29, from 11 to 12:30, the Wilton Historical Society at 224 Danbury Road will hold a Colonial Cookery and Customs Workshop for Kids, and the focus will be on fruit flummery.  Museum educator Lola Chen will show the children how to make the soft, custardy dessert (rather like a blancmange) in a mold, as was done in the 18th Century. During that time, molded desserts were very popular, and flummery was made into shapes such as towering castles, eggs in a lemon peel nest, cribbage cards and even gilded fish, swimming in a pond of lemon jelly.

While the food is prepared, the children hear about Colonial manners, morals and way of life. Suggested for ages 6-12.

Members: $10; non-members: $15. Register: or call 203-762-7257.