Church donates silverware to farmers’ market

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, Wilton Congregational Church has teamed up with Wilton Go Green to provide silverware at this year’s Wilton Farmers’ Market.

Wilton Congregational Church’s executive administrator, Pamela Brown, said she came up with the idea after attending a recent Plan of Conservation and Development meeting in town where “the discussion turned to conservation and preservation.”

“A woman stood up and shared that the Westport Farmers’ Market had real silverware as a way to reduce plastic waste,” said Brown. “I manage Wilton Congregational Church and we have an industrial dishwasher and tons of forks and spoons, so I thought since our resources are underutilized — why not offer them to the Wilton Farmers’ Market?”

Wilton Congregational Church is “constantly striving to encourage best practices in sustainability and recycling, and this seemed like perfect way to do some more community outreach,” said Brown, noting that the church is certified by Wilton Go Green as a Platinum Business and holds a Green Church designation by the United Church of Christ.

Brown got in touch with Wilton Go Green President Dana Gips and the two got to work figuring out a plan. The first set of silverware was introduced at the July 11 farmers’ market.

Wilton Go Green volunteers will take turns each Wednesday picking up and dropping off the silverware at the church, where Brown will run them through the church’s industrial dishwasher.

“We started with 40 forks and 30 spoons,” said Brown. “We will see if we need more as the summer progresses and the idea catches on.”

The Wilton Farmers’ Market, sponsored by the Wilton Chamber of Commerce, features locally made and grown goods each Wednesday, from noon to 5, outside the Wilton Historical Society at 224 Danbury Road. The market runs through Oct. 24.