Block party weekends

In an effort to strengthen neighborhood connections and create opportunity for face-to-face conversation, Wilton Youth Council’s Free Play Task Force is encouraging participation in Wilton’s Big Block Party Weekend.

The theme is “Building community one block at a time.” The town-wide weekends are June 9-10 and/or Sept. 15-16, with each road or neighborhood choosing their own day and time. There are no hard and fast rules for the events, but people are encouraged to think simple and keep it “old-fashioned.”  

“We see this as an excuse for more people to get their neighbors together, even if they might have felt awkward suggesting it otherwise. We hope that people will remember to keep it simple, as it is about fostering community, not pony rides or elaborate planning,” said Vanessa Elias, a member of the Free Play Task Force. “We have a two-pronged goal of creating opportunities for Wilton residents to connect in person instead of on social media, as well as helping children to make friends in their neighborhood in order to foster more neighborhood free play.”

The task force suggests making a flyer to put in 20 to 30 mailboxes of neighbors.  Include contact information so neighbors can email or call if they would like to help. Organizers may share plans on Facebook at Wilton’s Big Block Party Weekend.

For more information or questions, email or